Mosaik iOS Loop Warper (Sneak Preview)


Endeavour today announced Mosaik – an iOS App for making Auto-BPM-synced / time-warped loops.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

All you have to do is import your samples or songs. The App searches the audio for beat information. With the help of this information Mosaik is able to match the audio to any BPM.

And it also incorporates a high quality grain-based time-stretching engine. This means that you can now match any audio to your songs on your iOS device. Exactly like that prominent audio software you are thinking about right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Key Features:

  • Audio import of samples or whole songs via iPod Library
  • Beat-Signature-Analyzer for making beat-exact loops automatically
  • High-Quality Time-Stretch Engine based on granular synthesis
  • Audiobus support

Endeavour plans to release Mosaik in late March, 2014. See the Endeavour site for more info.

21 thoughts on “Mosaik iOS Loop Warper (Sneak Preview)

    1. Hi,

      import/export via AudioCopy/Paste is already a feature in the first release. We are working hard on getting the first release final. Things are looking good for a new Video this weekend.

      Simon From NDVR

  1. If this is a bit like playing clips in Ableton live then I’m sold. Can you manually adjust warp markers should the track not warp it correctly?

  2. Time stretching – yes, this is a big gaping hole in the iOS toolkit!

    But argh… another looper app! My gut feeling is that this will go some way to providing the missing tools, but will not provide everything that is needed – of course I may be wrong. I almost wish this only had one channel and was a more general all purpose audio editor that could be adjusted while synced to the track or other looper playing in the background. i.e. an individual clip in ableton for example.

    Does it do slice to midi based on the markers and export a midi file and individual samples?

    Looking at the markers they seem to be all the same length, can they be adjusted individually?

    Sorry for all the questions, but this is interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The Idea behind Mosaik was to have something that handles Audio in the same way like Ableton does. We’ve even managed to get that “Beats”-Mode deconstructed and reassembled this algorithm. And I don’t mind your questions. In fact the comparison to a single Live-Clip-Track-View is a very good point! We’ll see. Keep you guys updated!

      Simon From NDVR

  3. Baddcr I usually agree with you but hey this is the first time someone looks like they are trying to do this job right, saying you wish an ableton live style app was instead just a single track audio editor is super shortchanging the whole event imho. I think I know where you’re coming from, when this comes out if it does not hit the mark many will be royally disappointed but I think the fact that this app is even being made shows at least that the dev ‘gets it’, the need for an app like this. I know you just don’t want any cheap shots in the dark……………..neither do I. btw where have you been, mia from discchord?

    1. Hey Kobamoto, nice to see you!

      Disagreements about stuff are absolutely fine and I do see where you’re coming from too ๐Ÿ™‚

      I got banned from Discchord shortly after launching SynthPatcher, the reason I was given by Tim was that I was posting off-topic (ha! Like no one else does) and that he didn’t want to offend me – basically because I disagreed with him, he never really offended me at all. All very silly, I tried to resolve it, but he won’t have any of it ๐Ÿ™‚ I personally think it was down to the fact that SynthPatcher was doing way better than he predicted and there’s a huge dollop of jealousy there – but whatever, all largely irrelevant. I still read there, just use a proxy browser, but don’t comment any more for obvious reasons, seems to me it’s gone right down hill, there used to be some great conversations on there and a lot of fun. Hey ho ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. btw Simon, it would be great if those colors were user assignable, when working with loops up close on an iPad it becomes very important, for example speaking for myself personally I would like to work with all tracks being white or beige, and have all of my wavforms be the color black or white. for me this is soothing for long loop mangling sessions, and other users will feel totally different. small things like this really add up !!!

  5. Oh man. Why so negative. How much will this Cost? 2$? 4$? I definitely need such a tool. If it is good, I buy. If not I won’t. They can’t upload a non working version in the App Store. Apple proves every app.

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