What’s Elektron Announcing At Musikmesse 2014?


Elektron is teasing something new, coming at Musicmesse 2014:

Frankfurt Musikmesse, held between 12-15 March, is fast approaching. This year we are located in Hall 5.1, booth B33. If you’re around, by all means stop by our booth and try out for example the Analog Rytm.

And stay tuned. We have an exciting announcement to make…

Got ideas on what Elektron’s ‘exciting announcement’ is? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

38 thoughts on “What’s Elektron Announcing At Musikmesse 2014?

    1. I know that you’re joking, but I’d climb over a heap of dead bodies to get my hands on a battery powered synth with the Elektron sequencer packed into the form factor of a qy100.

        1. Me too, the Tekkeon is an amazing bit of kit. Just adds portability to ANYTHING!!! Including all Electron kit….I can’t believe Elektron don’t buy a few thousand, stick their logo on it and sell them by the boat-load.

  1. A master sequencer box, with full MIDI and CV sequencing, as well as audio inputs with p-lock effects. Or they’ve re-engineered their own SID chips, and are making new SID-Stations.

  2. With the recent Analog Keys and the long tease till the Rytm, I highly doubt they have a third box up their sleeve. More likely would be something on the firmware side, hopefully some new machines for the Octatrack. Maybe an iPad app providing a bigger display and additional controls for one or several boxes? I’m excited but not anticipating any new hardware.

  3. There were rumours of an Op-1 hybrid with electron…..imagen an op1 with electron step sequencer and analog 4 engine (and the brilliant Op1 digital engine)

  4. Maybe they are finally going to finish off the Octatrack OS….I mean, I LOVE my OT but there are somethings that for a machine of its price, feel kind of half baked.

  5. doubt there is a new box from them. that would really spread them thin in regards to the os updates.
    glad i sold the OT actually.

  6. It’s a new Octatrack with analog filters. It’s been 3 years since Octatrack debuted, that means an update. You heard it here first!

    1. 3 years so it must be something new?
      what a skewed logic.
      there is no reason to put out a new OT other than to piss of the userbase.
      imagine investing into the OT and wait for crucial updates only for them to abandon it for a new product / not to mention the overlap with the AR.
      if it really had analog filters. one would cannibalize the other easily.
      also filters on the OT sounded great actually. nothing wrong with them in the least.
      so again – skewed logic there mate.

      1. 3 years is the pattern they’ve been following for every machine since launch so, no, it’s not skewed logic. I agree there’s nothing wrong with the filters in the Octatrack EXCEPT!!! they have to be used as an effect, if they incorporated analog filters into the board design this would not be the case. Black Elektrons = Analog, Silver = Digital. This is where it’s going. Anyway, like I said, you heard it here first.

        1. i am really confused from where this “pattern” stems from.
          this from wikipedia entry for the past three years:

          In January 2011, the Octatrack DPS-1 dynamic performance sampler became available.

          In December 2012, the Analog Four, a 4-voice analog synthesizer, became available.

          In November 2013, the Analog Keys, a keyboard version of the Analog Four, was presented.

          please correct me.
          also having two sample capable machines with analog filters would surely be an overlap or you don´t see it like that?

          1. I’m referring to Monomachine and Machinedrum MK1, MKII and MKII+. They were updated every about 3 years. The others haven’t been around long enough except for the Octatrack. If this pattern holds true the Mono and MD would also be updated soon. The AR can’t sample (it can only load samples vis USB) and can’t sequence external gear, and isn’t designed for sampled loops just one hits, so I don’t see them being a threat to each other at all. Analog filters that don’t have to take up and effects location, individual outs, plus drive and a finish more like the AR, A4 and AK would all be welcomed upgrades.

      2. OH!!! And the number of issues people have had with compact flash cards, and solder joints of the internal reader. It makes perfect sense that they’d incorporate the plus drive, individual outs and analog filters.

  7. They’re going to announce that they will be releasing something mysterious sometime in the future…possibly. And even then it will be obscured by vague clues and frosted glass.

    So tired of the goofy teasing tactics of Elektron marketing. They play this game way too much.

  8. It’s probably just the release version of the Analog Rytm. They said they hoped for it to be available by end of Q1, so by now they should be ready to demo it in full rather than with half the features missing. I see no reason whatsoever to expect a new box.

        1. Ok first “We have an exciting announcement to make… AK then AR, and still more?”
          If you think they’re announcing that they’re going to be announcing an OS update then I don’t know what to tell you. Also, the Octatrack has been out of stock at Elektron and most retailers for about 3 weeks now.

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