QuNexus + Monotron Control Voltage Mod

Keith McMillen Instruments has published details on a mod that adds control voltage inputs to the Korg Monotron

Add a CV controller, like the KMI QuNexus, and you’ve got a powerful combintation.

Details on the Monotron CV mod are available at the KMI site.

9 thoughts on “QuNexus + Monotron Control Voltage Mod

  1. QuNexus is a neat little keyboard/keypad (with polyphonic aftertouch and modulation!!) It’s also a bit of a jack of all trades since (with the appropriate accessories) it can do USB MIDI, 5-pin MIDI and CV. Sadly mine seems to be dying as its pressure response has become rather low and inconsistent at the high end of the keyboard.

  2. Neat! Course the Monotron has a ribbon controller, but it’d be cool if KMI releases a mini Hakken Continuum midi board. X/Y control, pressure, velocity, and the whole deal. Id buy that quik! peace V

    1. I second that, it would be really awesome.

      Roger Linn is also working on something like that, but no one knows when it will be released.

  3. christ, really? who would spend a day hacking a monotron to get cv control? I’m sure it’s a good lesson plan for some, but really, get on with your life and write a song or get outside the house.

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