Amazing Machines Releases Volcano MIDI Out Mod For KORG Volca Synths

amazing-machines-volcanoAmazing Machines has released Volcano – a MIDI Output Interface mod for the KORG Volca series.


  • Custom-built Spacer for the MIDI Output Connector
  • Factory Pre-assembled
  • Turns any KORG Volca into a neat MIDI Sequencer and Controller
  • Enables recording of Parameter Automation and MIDI Note Data directly from any KORG Volca to an External Sequencer or DAW for later playback
  • Compatible with the KORG Volca Bass, Volca Beats and Volca Keys

Basic soldering skills are required for installation.

The Volcano Kit is available in the Amazing Machines site for US $48.00

49 thoughts on “Amazing Machines Releases Volcano MIDI Out Mod For KORG Volca Synths

  1. Thanks goes out to the Amazing Machines people, brilliant independent small business company’s such as yourselves is what is keeping current music gear so useful, accessible and damn interesting. Keep up the great work!

    1. Yeah you can. It’s just a little pcb with one capacitor and two resistors by the looks of it, unless it’s got a surface mount chip on the other side….

  2. Does it MIDIfy any parameter or just volume, pitch, ADSR, tempo? It’ s not so obvious for me according to the post. But if yes, then it’s great news! 🙂

    1. You get MIDI out from the digital sections of the synth–cutoff on the keys is not supported; the analogue sections of the beats are not either. However, please note that these parameters were already addressable via MIDI in; what adding a MIDI output does is allow you to record parameter changes from these addressable locations into your sequencer, and then play them back. You don’t need the Amazing Machines board to do this; three wires and a midi port will work.

  3. Hahahaha $48 for two resistors, a capacitor, and a minijack. What happened to the PREMIUM GERMAN MIDI PORTS guys? This is a complete scam and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Feel free to call me a troll out to ruin your reputation (again), but this is disgraceful.

    A tip to anyone reading: this mod is well documented online and the kit saves you no effort at all (it requires the same amount of soldering). Please don’t support these practices, and don’t be tricked into wasting money.

    1. If you don’t mind getting called a troll I will. You guys totally polluted the comments on the other thread about this and even got as far as insult the Amazing Machine guy who came in to explain what was different between this product and other DIY solutions. Seriously you guys were ass-holes and I completely support the Amazing Machine guy for calling you out on it.

      Please, provide us with a similar product for cheaper as you claim to be able to, or else then shut your little mouth (and pointing at a 1$ chinese MIDI connector on ebay is not a similar product).

      1. Okay. You made this same point repeatedly last time, so I’m going to link you to a complete solution. You must understand that both options require soldering. The resistors and capacitor are not really necessary (and in fact the standard is opto-isolation), but we’ll throw them in to avert claims of cheating.
        Buy two of these for fourteen cents Solder them onto pins 4 and 5. Wrap them in heatshrink if you want to be fancy.
        Buy one of these for eighty cents (we’re at almost a dollar now! Big spenders!) Solder it to pin 2. Wrap in heat shrink if desired.

        Solder the free lead of the resistor attached to pin 4 to the pad marked “TX”. Pin 5 goes to “VD”. The capacitor goes to GND. You are done. It cost ~$5 if you purchased a MIDI port and some heatshrink tubing. There’s your complete solution.

        1. I will note, however, that I misinterpreted the MIDI DIN port as a minijack connector (as has become popular recently) and will retract my jibe about the german made connector, which is still in evidence.

          1. Oh, so NOW you just noticed you misinterpreted something about the Midi connector? Are you f-ing serious?

            So you spent all that energy to bash a product in a comment sections over something you did not fully understand until now?… seriously that sucks for the people who were trying to promote their product.

            A little late, but better than never.

        2. “You must understand that both options require soldering.”

          BTW, you keep saying that like its a bad thing, where its clearly written in the product’s description (and on this very post) :

          Basic soldering skills are required for installation.

          So, what else have you misinterpreted here?

          1. You’re really reaching now, guy. I am not saying that soldering is bad. I actually enjoy it. It’s something I do for fun. HOWEVER, given that you will have to own and operate a soldering iron either way, why not just spend five dollars on components instead of $48 on a kit with those same components and three of six requisite joints already made? Do you see where the issue lies? I admitted that I misread the image and erroneously believed that the MIDI port, which was used as a major selling point in the last press release, had been replaced; it was a mistake for which I apologized. Let it be known that there is a genuine MIDI port rather than a minijack connector, which would require a custom cable.

            However, the main issue, the issue with which I take umbrage, is that this product does not save you any time or effort or necessary equipment and marked up an exorbitant amount. This fact has not changed! The only arguable claim here is that forty-three United States dollars is too much to charge for attaching three components to the pins of a MIDI port! However, your claim, that an equivalent product cannot be had for cheaper, has been demonstrated to be false! Good day!

            1. “I am not saying that soldering is bad.”

              I also never said anything like this. You are misinterpreting yet again. What I said is “you keep saying that like its a bad thing [about the need to do soldering with the AM kit]”.

              Is it clear enough now?

              1. “given that you will have to own and operate a soldering iron either way, why not just spend five dollars on components instead of $48 on a kit with those same components and three of six requisite joints already made? Do you see where the issue lies?”

                You have to solder either way. Since this is the case, why not do three extra joins? And why is that task (although in this case it’s probably 9 joins, done by pick’n’place and wave soldering machines in china) worth so much money? This is not a complicated product, and the use of it is not saving you much (any, really) time. For the privilege of having three connections made for you, you pay 1000% of the price of the components individually.

                The reason it’s a bad thing, in the case of the Amazing Machines kit, is that it means that the kit offers you nothing. There are no expensive or complicated components. The most difficult solder joints are the ones you will have to do anyway, kit or no.

                I hope this has clarified the issue for you.

                1. “For the privilege of having three connections made for you, you pay 1000% of the price of the components individually.”

                  So I guess it makes you equally mad that Korg makes a profit out of selling the Volcas with a profit margin. Those tiny Volcas synths sure don’t cost 150$ to produce… DAMN YOU KORG!!! YOU GREEDY CORPORATE BASTARDS!!!

                    1. No, I’m not suggesting anything, I was just making a joke about how everything being sold it being done with a profit and asking Jesus if it was making him as angry as the Volcano mod.

                      I should’ve used the /s tag as it seems most people thought I was being serious.

      1. Yes, a 1000% markup on generic parts in a product which required zero engineering is something that I would classify as a scam. Others may disagree, much as I disagree that criticizing these practices counts as “trolling”.

        1. Criticizing is not trolling, until it becomes an obsession like what you are doing right now.

          You just aren’t giving out your opinion about this, you are spamming the comments.

          Also, what are you waiting for selling me the exact same thing for 10$? You’d be rich instead of just complaining in comments sections.

          1. Why would I sell you anything? I am not an electronics retailer. You can buy all the parts you need for such a low price that it would be ridiculous to try to make money by selling them. There is no need for such a product. It is so simple to assemble that the only way to make any kind of money on it is to gouge the consumer and hope that it is purchased by those who do not know better! Because there are no header pins on the Volca PCB, any solution will require a (very small amount of) soldering; trying to turn a profit on three solder joints would be a ludicrous endeavor.

            I am not spamming the comments, I am responding to posts directed at me and clarifying details for those who ask for such information. However, I do agree that I have invested far too much effort into this endeavor;

            1. Dude… just… dude… seriously.. look at yourself dude. Are you engaging as actively when there are posts about Apple products because they are also known to gouge their consumers?

              You will not even try to provide a similar product to me just because you can’t. End of story.

              1. This is a ridiculous post. I provided a similar product above. Scroll up, and there it is. I won’t sell you one because I have no interest in the retail business, and because this is not a product that one can profit from without marking it up to the point of absurdity.

                1. You don’t have any interests in the retail business? Good! Now shut up before you really make a fool out of yourself.

    2. I think a big point that you’re missing about why people are so upset with you is that no one’s tricking or scamming anyone about anything here. They’re not claiming that their product is the only way to achieve this. They’re not forcing anyone to buy it. So your repeated comments about this are not doing anyone a favor. What you’ve been doing is akin to standing outside a restaurant or grocery store yelling at everyone who walks by, calling it a scam because anyone could make those foods themselves instead of paying the markup. Why buy brownie mix when you could just buy the eggs and flour and cocoa? This is why you’ve been called a troll. Not because you speak the truth or because no one believes you.

      And I’d like to think that if someone’s competent enough to not need this kit, then it seems reasonable that they’re A) competent enough to be able to google for instructions and B) competent enough to only need it pointed out to them ONCE in the comments that they could do this themselves. Have a little faith in the intelligence of the people you’re addressing.

  4. Ok, let me get this straight.

    If I wire up a midi port to the three labeled points inside a volca I get everything this kit offers for the price of a midi din socket and some wire?

    Is that right or does this kit offer additional control?

    1. You are correct. The components on the board provide some protection (a photocoupler would be better), but aren’t really necessary (no synth or sequencer is going to destroy another one through MIDI barring truly catastrophic failure). Other than that, it offers a mounting solution.

      1. Jesus you’re clearly upset by this product, but this type of solution is perfect for me.

        I don’t own a soldering Iron or solder nor the little sponge pad thingy and associated items required.
        I wouldn’t be happy to practice soldering skills on something I have a bunch of fun playing with.

        SO if $48usd means I have to click some stuff on the internet pay some money and wait … then that solution is good for me, I do however understand this isn’t a choice for Jesus, but surly Jesus understands that we’re all different.

        1. If you don’t own a soldering iron then you cannot use this mod anyway, as it requires one to affix the board to the Volca’s PCB. You must solder the three wires shown to the three indicated points on the board, before using the connector on the board to affix the MIDI port. And if you’re buying (or borrowing) an iron to do that, you might as well spend the extra five dollars and do the three extra joints as well, rather than paying $43 to have someone do them for you.

          I hope this sheds some light on why I’m so annoyed by the product.

    1. No Mr. Radley, I don’t think the above flack is being given because Jesus pointed out anything. The flack seems to be over the fact that Jesus is a dick and he’s annoying as shit (especially when he’s initially incorrect). Sure, loads of people are experienced with soldering and can surely look up a tutorial on how to make the same thing. Great Jesus, glad you’re familiar with Radio Shack’s helpful products and friendly staff. You made your point though – too bad you initially were wrong (did I mention that?). The real Jesus was far less convolulted and much more to the point. So your choice of taking his name and blabbering on and on just makes you even more of a tool, if that’s even possible. Next time maybe call yourself George W Bush or Jim Jones or something more in tune with your rhetorical skills and intellect.

      BTW I love my Amazing Machines Monotribe midi mod. For one, it’s probably the first tech product I’ve ever purchased that says Made in Brazil!

      1. I was incorrect about the MIDI connector. I am correct about everything else. People, such as jips who posted above, do not seem to be aware of exactly what this kit is and isn’t, and they are in danger of drastically overpaying and thus encouraging the manufacturer to continue his ripoff artistry. And indeed, they may not think to google for the DIY mod, if they believe this to be a unique product, or one that can be simply “dropped in”. The Monotribe mod was defensible for the price (barely); it’s got an IC which must be oriented and wired correctly, and it does not require an iron to install. For those without one, or the ability to read a spec sheet or circuit diagram, it’s a good solution.

        Jesus is my name. Like, my actual name. I’m sorry to hear that you find my attempt to explain myself clearly to be annoying.

        If you like Brazilian products, may I recommend the EMW WCS-1? It’s a very cool little synth, and predates the current analogue mono craze. It’s also a very good price for what you get!

        1. You know, for someone who hates that “this product does not save you any time or effort”, you sure do not spare any time or efforts yourself to speak negatively about this.

          You are not even sparing any time or efforts to make sure you know what you are talking about. Seriously, not knowing about the midi connector is a little retarded, but you don’t seem like the kind of guy who is ashamed of making a fool out of himself, what is this, your 15th message about this in this very comment section?

          Cool story bro, but please don’t involve EMW, they are a nice little company and they don’t need bad publicity from you.

          1. As things get very personnal with Jesus, I would like to point out that I somehow agree with him: selling a kit 10 times the price of the spare parts, with spare parts easily available worldwide for cheap, and a kit that involve as much work/technic/tools as if you DIY it makes this product a bad product.
            You blame Jesus, you said he is trolling and spending a lot of his time and energy to criticize a product but it appears to me that this is you that’s spending a lot of time and energy to defend a bad product.
            On the other hand, I don’t think it is a scam either: it’s a free market, you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But I am – and so is Jesus – free to criticize a product that we both find useless and pricey.
            That’s being said, here is my answer to the “why don’t you make a cheaper product and become rich” question: because you can’t become rich with a bad product! If I start making the same product and sell it for 10$, it will still be a bad product – it still won’t have any betterment to the “buy yourself your spare part and solder them by yourself” – and I would still be not rich because I’m not going to sell a lot of them. When buying a product everyone should at least ask itself if there is any betterment into it. In the case of the Volcano MIDI out MOD, there is not.

          2. As someone who just recently fell in love with the Volca series, and whose immediate interest in modifications led here, this thread has been a very unexpected, and disappointing read. Why are all of you so upset by Jesus? Most of his replies have been to clarify and explain, repeatedly, why this product may be so grossly overpriced as to be worthy of being called a scam. He admitted to his initial misunderstanding, but still was able to verify, again and again, why this product strikes him as outrageous. Furthermore, many of the responses towards him strike me as incredibly juvenile, the type of things a group of gossiping adolescents would be saying in a school hallway, trying to malign his character, his nature, his intentions and motivation. Shameful. Why do you focus your anger on the person who is TRYING TO SAVE YOU MONEY, regardless of how blunt and tactless he may have been initially towards your sensibilities?

  5. why do you hate something you will never buy ?
    why not just make a cheaper product and compete in a free market that only has one competitor ?

    basically stop whining and make your own product

  6. Wow, throughout this entire thread nobody bothered to mention that it costs $48 plus $24 flat rate worldwide shipping, $72 total. I think I read somewhere that it’s just like $5 in parts and you have to solder it anyway so why not save the extra $67.

  7. 72$ for two 100ohm resistors and a midi conector!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think the capacitor is not needed,
    solder 1 resistor to vcc and pin 4 of din conector, another resistor to tx and pin 5 pin 2 to gnd,
    chinese solder iron 15$ + din conector 1$ + 2 resistors 2c?

  8. I saw this product and thought the same thing . It’s a very cheap set-up being charged quite a lot of money for especially including postage. I agree with Jesus but it is not compulsory but you still need to solder it. For a little cash you can do it yourself which is what i decided i wanted to do. I looked on line and found the link to Utopian Labs Blog but saw no resistors or Caps which worried me as to why ? Then i found this Blog or Crucifixion and there you have it Jesus told me what i needed to know so now all i need is the female MIDI socket as i have the rest and jobs a good one. For next to nothing!!! I think a lot of other people here should be great full for people who help without charging for it!!! … Last time i post here too… lol Cheers JC for the advise and good luck to Amazing Machines with their product

  9. I have a quick question – I’d like to add midi out and midi thru, is it possible to add a midi thru?

    I only ask because i want to daisy chain my machines, if i have midi out only, then i will have to make the volga beats the last machine in the chain.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Many thanks

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