Korg Introduces LP-180 Digital Piano

At Musikmesse 2014: Today Korg introduced its new LP-180 Digital Piano. The 88-note piano combines the sounds and action from Korg’s affordable SP-170 stage piano with the “modern aesthetic” of Korg’s flagship LP-380 “lifestyle” piano.

Available in black or white, the compact LP-180 is equipped with Korg’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard, with nuanced dynamics when playing sounds such as acoustic piano or electric piano. The LP-180 is weighted like a traditional piano, with a heavier touch in the lower ranges, becoming progressively lighter in the higher registers. Additionally, all three pedals from a concert grand are included (damper, soft and sostenuto), with half-pedaling supported by the damper and soft pedal.

Korg_LP-180_digital_pianoThe LP-180’s piano sounds contain stereo samples from a concert grand piano taken at two velocities to reproduce playing dynamics. Ten different sound variations round out the onboard offerings, which include piano, electric piano, vibraphone, pipe organ, and strings.

The digital piano’s integrated sound system is comprised of two large 10 cm speakers, mounted in a bass-reflex chamber, and powered by a pair of 11-Watt amplifiers. Dual headphone outputs allow two people share the instrument.

Pricing and Availability. The Korg LP-180 Digital Piano will be available for sale in May with a “street” price of $699. More information is available on the Korg website.

7 thoughts on “Korg Introduces LP-180 Digital Piano

      1. You’re right, though it still hasn’t any controllers, aftertouch, wide program change selections nor even any MIDI in.
        These “home products” as Korg and Roland like to call them are usually stripped of everything a pro might want just to keep their markets separate.
        The price does suggest how little they must cost to design and make though.

  1. So the way I read this is they took the innards of one product and put them in the chassis of another and are calling it a new thing…

  2. I don’t understand the lack of Midi in. Just a few $ of components to add a great feature. Knowing Korg. Midi in capability is already included on the circuit board.

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