Roland Showing AIRA Sync Box At 2014 Musikmesse

At Musikmesse 2014, Roland is showing a new member of the Roland Aira family, the Sync Box

We have not seen an official announcement for it yet, but the Sync Box appears to be a tool for keeping gear using different standards – from different time periods – in sync. Supported connectivity includes USB, MIDI, DIN Sync & CV Gate.

Details are to come.

20 thoughts on “Roland Showing AIRA Sync Box At 2014 Musikmesse

  1. finally sync box should the more usefull tool of the aira serie , good for sync mfb , akai ; arturia and elektron devices !

  2. Is Roland planning to add more blinking lights to the production model so it sits better alongside the other devices in the Aira family?

  3. This is something that I’ve been wanting for a really long time… An alternative to the very expensive Kenton CV-Gate boxes.. Any idea on price?

  4. Shouldn’t they call this the sbx8 or something to keep with the aira claasic gear reference naming conventions? I wonder what they mean by USB ‘supported.’ This can be a USB master, slave or both? If this can act as a midi master clock over usb, freaking sweet.

  5. They say right in the video that it is something for internal use. They don’t once mention that it is a product that they plan on releasing.

  6. The spaghetti monster it takes to hook all of the Aria System up in this photo speaks volumes about what a pain in the butt it must be to set this rig up for a gig.

  7. It would have been cooler if it was like the old korg kms-30 that had a little button that switched between roland and korg din sync modes.

    1. What? You mean a tech demo at musikmesse isn’t a groundbreaking composition? Sir you have staggered me with your insight.

      Huh, now that I think about it, it’s almost like these “tech demos” are supposed to “demonstrate” the “technology” being shown, not the musical skill of the exhibitor. Not sure what to make of this.

      I don’t even like the AIRA lineup but come on, guy.

  8. LOL. The disdainful, generally hated AIRA line = 11 comments.

    The much sought-after, holy grail polyphonic synthesizer 1 or 2 posts up from this: 2 comments.

    Who would have thought?

  9. This could be one of the best, affordable and most creative items Roland has released in a long time. It looks like it has 2 Dins sync outs and 1 Din Sync in the “in” is an unusual but very welcome setup. This is especially great for people who would like to start their all of connected gear on stage or studio with a Din Sync analog Keyboard or Drum machine. And from the top on the Sync-box’s interface looks like it might do some tricks like “swing – stutter- arpeggiate ect…” with midi and Din Sync and save settings.

  10. was this video a joke ? seriously ? what a shiiit man!! , jesus F christ man what a crapy demostration o my god , that was shameful !. Hoooolly crap ahhahahaha

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