How To Build An ARP 2600 Clone (TTSH) In 9 Minutes

This video, via reader Martin Widmann, documents his build of the ARP 2600 clone, the  Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH) synthesizer. 

The Two Thousand Six Hundred, or TTSH for short, is based on the classic ARP 2600. It’s one of the coolest synth DIY projects ever – but is a very complex build. The TTSH is available as a kit containing PCBs and front panel. Nothing is pre-built and no components are included, so you have to source your own parts.

The video is a time-lapse video, 36,852 pictures, taken every 5 seconds. The full build is shown, including: ttsh, midi interface, case, calibration & bug fixing.

The soundtrack was made with only the finished TTSH.

See the TheHumanComparator site for details on the TTSH project.

11 thoughts on “How To Build An ARP 2600 Clone (TTSH) In 9 Minutes

    1. What I don’t understand is why that thing costs so much when it obviously doesn’t take much time to assemble.


  1. Very well done: a synthesizer performing a song about its own creation. We are one step closer to The Singularity…

  2. This is a deal breaker for me: Q, Is it as big as the original.
    A, It’s a bit smaller. About 73% of the original size.

    Why why why!!!??

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