New Three-Dimensional MIDI Controller Kit – The Kyub


Designer Keith Baxter has introduced a new 3D MIDI controller, the Kyub.

The Kyub is a maker-friendly, open-source DIY MIDI controller. Capacitive sensing gives the Kyub extremely sensitive action and an internal accelerometer allows the volume of each note to be precisely controlled, for versatile musical expression.


The internal circuitry monitors each of the keypads to immediately detect even the lightest finger touch reflected in a capacitive disturbance. Acceleration of the Kyub housing associated with a finger touch is converted to a note loudness which, together with a pitch determined by the keypad, is transmitted over a USB cable in standard MIDI format. The Kyub has low latency (on the order of 3 ms) providing a highly responsive musical experience.

You can attach multiple Kyubs to a computer synthesizer or digital audio workstation for solo play, jamming with friends, or composition.

Here’s the official Kyub intro video:


  • 11 fully programmable feather touch keypads on five surfaces of a 3 inch wooden cube.
  • Three axis 3G accelerometer usable to control note volume, after touch or pitch bending.
  • A Teensy AVR microcontroller with native USB MIDI support programmable with the Arduino tool chain.
  • Three open source programs for immediate experimentation and playing providing major minor scales pentatonic, blues scale and Japanese scales, chord mode playing, string mode playing and percussion mode playing.
  • Compatible with most software synthesizers including the free demo of Propellerhead Reason Essentials providing access to hundreds of high quality synthesized instruments. Works with iPad-based synthesizers as well using the camera adapter accessory.
  • Easy to assemble laser cut wood housing that will accept a variety of finishes.

The Kyub kit is available to project backers for $65. Other versions, including preassembled, are also available. See the project site for details.

3 thoughts on “New Three-Dimensional MIDI Controller Kit – The Kyub

  1. This looks like a fun DIY project! I’d like to see a demo with percussion sounds – it seems like it would be great for that.

    1. The second video down on the kickstarter is a demo playing some electronic drums and it looks pretty cool. Seems very sensitive and expressive.

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