DrumSpillage 2 Now Available, Offers 12 Drum Synthesis Algorithms


AudioSpillage has released DrumSpillage 2 – a 16 part multi-model drum synthesizer plugin for Mac OS X.

Here’s what’s new in DrumSpillage 2:

  • New User Interface – DrumSpillage 2 features a major overhaul of the existing user interface.
  • LFOs and Modulation – Each pad now features 4 dedicated LFOs with full control over MIDI key-sync triggering. The update also increased the number of available modulation destinations and adds new waveform shapes.
  • DrumSpillage 2 Modulation Setup – LFOs can now be cross-modulated against each other and the LFO editor has a dedicated space in the UI and no longer shares a tab with the envelopes.
  • Upgraded Synthesis – DrumSpillage 2 offers 12 different drum synthesis models.
  • Velocity Control – Full velocity control for the synthesis parameters is now available. Almost any parameter can now be played dynamically via velocity.
  • DrumSpillage 2 Velocity Control – Parameters may be influenced via a positive or negative bias.
  • MPC/Maschine Pad Layout – A simple preference button now configures the pad layout to mirror the classic MPC and the more recent Maschine style layout with pad 1 rooted to the bottom left position.
  • New Presets and Stability – DrumSpillage 2 includes a selection of new presets demonstrating the expanded sound design capabilities of the instrument.

Here are official audio demos:

DrumSpillage 2 is available now, for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, priced at US $125.00 or $15.99 to upgrade from version 1. Details and more audio demos are available at the site.

3 thoughts on “DrumSpillage 2 Now Available, Offers 12 Drum Synthesis Algorithms

  1. so glad they added the pad-layout change, was biggest gripe.
    new engine is smooth, ui is extra polished – great update price 🙂

  2. It would be cool to see each of the bits broken out as individual little apps, so they could be used in Ableton Live drum rack cells, or solo on a daw track.

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