4 thoughts on “Free Windows Software Synth – Horus

  1. You know what? Cool sounding synth. Horrible name.

    I get the whole Egyptian god thing, if only because Egyptian mythology themes have been so overdone in music. Hey its a guy with a falcon head… kinda cool, mysterious… but that name just SOUNDS horrible.

    On a good day it could sound like “Horse”. On a bad day “Whore Us”. Just sayin.

  2. Serrano gives good synth! This thing has a sound that’s a real cut above, considering its modest framework. I’m so used to Logic now that I may be a bit spoiled. I’ve played a lot of hardware and building a creamy pad, I can do in my sleep. You *do* get pleasing little differences between synths at times, but its fair to say that 90% of the synth world can be recreated very closely with pretty much any decent instrument. So if you’re one of those who have a little pile of freebies or minimal fringe devices like this, tell me why. I don’t see enough difference between a lot of them to justify the disk space when I know how to craft a sound readily, but that’s just my angle on it, not everyone else’s. Again, 3 of these patches were exceptionally lush to my ear, so thumbs up for an elegant tool.

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