Korg MS-20 Kit Review & Filter Mod

This video captures Nick Batt’s take on the new Korg MS-20 Kit.

The MS-20 Kit is a true-analog, 1:1 scale reissue of the MS-20, with both filters built in (the more aggressive early production filter and more mellow late production one). Every details has been replicated, right down to the packaging, which includes a letter from the original MS-20 engineers and the President of Korg, Inc.

Batt notes that the new MS-20 has the same electronics as the MS-20 mini, but offers “much higher build quality”. It also offers two filter options, to match two generations of filters in vintage MS-20s. See Batt’s post at Sonic State for more of his thoughts on the new MS-20 Kit.

The MS-20 Kit is a being released as a limited edition product.


  • A full-size, true analog MS-20
  • Build yourself with simple tools
  • Early and late filters at the flip of an internal switch
  • ¼” patch cables
  • Limited edition

The Korg MS-20 Kit has a street price of about $1,400. You can find out more about the MS-20 Kit at Korg’s site.

17 thoughts on “Korg MS-20 Kit Review & Filter Mod

  1. Damn, I was getting really excited, until the end where the thing suffers from severe eczema.
    I wonder if Korg will find a 1000 buyers that will put up with that.

  2. I was very close to buying one and then I saw the peeling screen printing. I’m sure Korg will resolve it, but when?

    Think I’ll just get the mini, but I do prefer that later filter!

    1. Korg could score big by releasing an MS-21, a fully assembled, full size sequel that featured switchable 12/24db filters, PWM and osc sync as standard options. A few more knobs, a couple of extra patch points, and bring it in for under $1,000 USD.

        1. Nah, those customers wanted a 100% reissued, remade MS-20.

          My dream bonus features would make the MS-21 a sequel, not a remake. And those 1,000 customers will claim that their old style MS-20s sound better anyway.

  3. I downloaded and read the manual from korg.com and noticed the following text:

    | Quick selection
    | To compare the sound of the originally installed filter with the
    | other filter, temporarily change the setting as described below.
    | • To select the earlier filter, hold down the F#3, G#3 and A#3 keys and turn on the MS-20.
    | • To select the later filter, hold down the F#3, G#3 and B3 keys and turn on the MS-20.
    | TIP No matter which filter is set with the above operations, the setting will revert to the filter set with the short pin on the circuit board when the MS-20 is turned off.

    So, I’m left to wonder if one would need to actually add a mod switch, given the built-in shortcut, although the built-in method requires a brief reset of power.

  4. I loved the review. Thanks Nick! I found it to be a very detailed and thorough review of both the build and the actual performance of the synth, and the A/B filter comparison was something I’ve always wanted to have in a video (and MS-20 synth, mine is ‘early’ type).

    I would hope that the screen printing issue is resolved, and/or is it possible Korg pulled a defect case part which they shipped around to reviewers (one that didn’t pass quality control.)

    1. I thought the review was great and the time lapse building scenes were fun! Of especial interest was showing all of the potential mods on the circuit board and then implementing a non-destructive mod to switch the 2 filter circuits. I see the potential in hacking an MS-20 to make a semi-modular synth even more modular!

      Great job Nick Batt!

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