Five Eurorack Modular Low-Pass Filters Compared

This video, via DivKidMusic, compares 5 low-pass filters (not in order) for Eurorack modular synths:

  • The AniModule – SOB
  • Mutable Instruments – Ripples
  • Erica – Polivoks VCF
  • Malekko / Wiard – Borg 2
  • Livewire Frequensteiner.

The first part of the video is a ‘blind comparison. Pause at 2:31, if you want to judge them without knowing which is which. The second part of the video explores the sound of each filter in more detail.

6 thoughts on “Five Eurorack Modular Low-Pass Filters Compared

  1. Filter 4 (Malekko Borg 2) was most pleasing to me. Filter 2 (Mutable Instruments Ripples) was also nice but I noticed even with cutoff all the way down there was still signal bleed-through.

  2. I wish there were more vids like this. I really wanna get into eurorack but wanna hear more A/B action before I make a huge investment

  3. Great video. Of course, a lot more could be done with this kind of comparison. I have two filters (Korgasmatron II and Micro Hadron Collider) and both have adjustable overdrive, which changes their response rather drastically. I hope you’ll do another video comparing filters with overdrive.

  4. Livewire (Filter 1) and Malekko (Filter 4) was really above the other filters for me. Mutable Ripples is the worst with, as Scott Wozniak mentioned, a lot of signal bleeding.

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