Last Chance On Imitone ‘Mind To MIDI’ Kickstarter Project

The Kickstarter fundraiser for Imitone – a ‘mind to MIDI’ app for Mac & Windows is down to its last 24 hours. It’s already fully funded, at close to 4 times the original funding goal.

The above video is a demo of Imitone in action. In the video, alpha tester Robin Lomax Bjerke explores using Imitone to control a Kontakt 4 cello virtual instrument, with control of expression and vibrato.

The video below is an overview of Imitone and the Kickstarter project:

Imitone is available for US $25 via the project. See the project site for details.

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11 thoughts on “Last Chance On Imitone ‘Mind To MIDI’ Kickstarter Project

  1. looking forward to using this thing to trigger drums with this using my voice and my hands/feet/other bodyparts…….. this could really be amazing

    1. @rhythm.wav – if it’s triggering drums you’re after, check out Pulse Controller.

      Imitone looks pretty cool. Other than pitch / amplitude detection, is there anything else going on here? Haven’t had time to read Kickstarter page in depth. Also, since this is using a headset mic, can you have your speakers on? Would audio from the speakers bleed it and cause feedback and false triggering?

      1. The Kickstarter demo shows it being used with headphone. If you wanted to do it live, you’d probably have to watch out for feedback loops.

  2. well obviously the “mind to midi” claim is a little hyperbolic. basically it’s a real time monophonic source tracking to midi converter, which looks pretty interesting and decent from the video. There are other alternatives out there for this, and ableton can do it already (albeit not “real time”)…. interesting to see how well it works, obviously with the girl in the video, a voice devoid of a lot of overtones is going to track better etc… hopefully it works as well as advertised, but this is FAR from mind-blowing…. But could be a great little solution and marketed to a wide demographic of people that do not understand “other” solutions. Best of luck to them.

  3. I think the nitch for this software is someone who is not super-comfortable with technology but wants a super expressive way to capture ideas. The catch is that the editing phase (where you clean up all the unwanted gibberish) will be pretty tedious.

    All that said, there is certainly room in the market for another Pitch-to-MIDI converter, especially one that can interpret pitch & dynamics in a very low-latency and responsive way.

    Here’s hoping the price-point stays around $25 for the Mac version, and maybe $5 for the iOS version (those would be my price cut-offs anyway).

  4. When programs like Melodyne that have been around for quite sometime, are not effective at converting voice to MIDI, i am not sure how effective this would be..

  5. Imitone farther is the best voice (and instrument) to midi software i’ve ever seen cause of new kind of pitch detecting method (based on the resonance) that is instant you can control a synthesizer in live ! The actual beta version 0.7 is already impressive and prettyly accurate for me, catch even the vibrato ! I love it and highly advise it it’s so great ! It’s still in developpement but i find it enough good now i really enjoy it and sing hours. When it will be finished it will be more expensive i think better to save money and take it now… Furthermore the creator Evan can support if problem (on imitone community or kickstarter he is the most present). With win 8 2.4 Ghz 4Go ram and reaper (the less cpu eater daw i think) or/and sorfando (a virtual keyboard that load soundfont ie midi instruments) i have no latency just a thin one with my yamaha psr 292. Use pitch bend (if you sing in tune, else needs training to find good notes) and alto sax soundfont for instance to have the best results.

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