Glitchmachines Intros Scope – A Modular Sound Generator & Effects Processor For Mac & Windows


Glitchmachines has released Scope, a modular sound generator and effects processing plugin, for Mac & Windows, that is geared toward experimental sound design and electronic music production.

Scope’s open-ended graphical patching system and diverse set of modules let you create a custom audio processing environment, capable of a very broad range of effects.


  • Fully patchable modular sound generator and signal processor
  • Sample library with 1500+ modular SFX in 24bit/96khz .wav
  • 26 Modules ranging from Oscillators & Delays to LFOs & Mixers
  • Freely configurable module slots and signal flow
  • Tactile graphical patching system with virtual patch cables
  • Real-time animated audio analyzers and visualizers
  • 160 patches from 8 cutting-edge sound designers and artists
  • Cross-platform compatibility (PC/Mac – VST/AU 32bit & 64bit)

Here’s an overview of Scope:

Here’s a basic tutorial on Scope:

At the heart of Scope is a collection of modules you can freely configure, by populating up to 8 slots. Once populated with a module, a slot will give you access to up to 4 input and output nodes, which you can freely connect via Scope’s virtual patch cables.

Inputs and Outputs are configured to have the ability to send and receive multiple signals at once, making very complex modulation scenarios possible. Scope ships with 26 modules ranging from effects to utility, with additional modules already planned for future updates.

Built-In Eurorack Modular Sample Library

Scope includes a Eurorack modular synthesizer sample library comprised of over 1500 samples. Here’s what Glitchmachines has to say about it:

We worked with 6 of the best module manufacturers to put together the Eurorack system used to generate all the content. Our goal was to create a functional counterpart to Scope; something you can’t easily achieve with a computer that interacts well with the plugin and gives you a new palette of sounds to work with right out of the box.

Focused on the darker side of modular synthesis, sound designer Ivo Ivanov created a collection of compelling effects that are equally distinctive and indicative of the depth of Eurorack’s prodigious sonic landscape.

To make the sample library, Ivanov used modules from Intellijel, Tiptop Audio, Steady State Fate, Make Noise, Malekko & The Harvestman.

Here are a couple of videos that document the sampling sessions for the Scope Eurorack modular sample library:

To get you started, Scope includes 160 patches by Subjex, Balkansky, Thomas Hennebert, Apparition, Daed, John Black, Shiro Fujioka and Blush Response.

The following demo features Scope only, no further processing was used:

Scope is available now for US $49.

If you’ve used Scope, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

14 thoughts on “Glitchmachines Intros Scope – A Modular Sound Generator & Effects Processor For Mac & Windows

  1. Sonic Core has been selling Scope DSP boards and Scope software such as Scope Modular (now on version IV) for over a decade. Surely these guys could have Googled “scope modular” before releasing something with exactly the same name?

    1. The name doesn’t matter. Apple stole their company name from Apple Records, stole the Iphone name from Cisco, stole the Ipad name from Fujitsu and people don’t seem to care about it. much.

      1. Those synthesis platforms with the same name has the potential to get confusing. To make matters worse, if your product line becomes extremely popular you may run into problems trademarking your brand simply because another company with a long history of international sales is in a good position to object.

  2. lol tactile “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

    anyway, add a demo, seems like it could be legit with the utility modules included.

    and as a hardware module user i have no desire to pay for or use someone else’s samples…

  3. I hate to pay for a product which the creator seems to have had more fun producing than what I can get playing with it, lol… But, seriously, this is only $49, and it can serve as a virtual sketchpad, to sketch some crazy patches for which I still don’t have the modules. The samples are a bonus, not everyone has a modular, but you can use your own samples. However, and this is the big question for me, will I end up using it more than my modular and Octatrack? I doubt it. So who exactly is the target costumer? Perhaps it makes more sense for people who enjoy more working with a computer and who are also considering modular. Anyway, the more options available out there, the better. Nothing to complain about. And Glitmachines are such a nice company…

  4. It says there are 26 modules included, but I can’t find a listing on the product page. It would be very helpful to know what the modules are when making purchasing decisions. Seems to be no demo version either.

    As far as the name goes, I think no one will confuse it with the Creamware Scope. But a bit of Googling might have shed some light on the possible conflict.

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