iVCS3 Update Brings AudioBus 2, MIDI Program Change, Improved VCO’s & More


apeSoft has updated iVCS3, its software recreation of the classic EMS VCS3 analog synthesizer.

The update adds AudioBus 2 support, MIDI program change, improved VCOs, an in-app manual and more.

Here’s what’s new in iVCS3 v1.1:

  • iOs SDK 7.1 update
  • Audiobus 2.0 sdk update
  • Audiobus State Saving
  • AudioCopy sdk update
  • Dropbox sdk update
  • Cubasis freeze audio fixed
  • New Midi Program Change for Presets select
  • arm64 update
  • New, VCO’s afford the FM full range
  • New, Filter’s afford the FM full range
  • New, Output Channels afford AM full range
  • New, VCO3 waves, improved as the original
  • Joystick now work even outside the area
  • New, In-App print manual
  • Up to 100 new built-in presets
  • New, Filter Glide parameter
  • New, setting for hide UI flashing
  • Filter resonance improved
  • DSP performance optimisation
  • AudioCopy SDK update
  • IAA Keyboard range extended full range
  • Minimum Sequencer steps now is two
  • Scope time scale improved
  • Minor UI improvements

IVCS3 is available for US $14.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used iVCS3, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “iVCS3 Update Brings AudioBus 2, MIDI Program Change, Improved VCO’s & More

  1. I own dozens of iPad and VST synths as well as a bit of hardware. None has confused me more than this app. I love it in the same way I love Stephen Hawking books.

  2. Yea this is the update it needed. As the owner of an original Synthi A I was disappointed with the initial version of the software as the oscillator and filter response to voltage control was completely off. This comes much closer to the real thing, now to get into making some cool bubble patches!

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