Crystalline ‘Shimmer Effect’ On Guitars

Holderness Media, creators of Echo Pad and Stereo Designer for iPad, shared this sneak preview video that looks at using their upcoming Crystalline ‘shimmer’ effects processing app with guitar.

Crystalline is designed to create ‘shimmer effects’, in the style of Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & U2. It is designed to work with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and for processing external instruments through an audio interface. 

The release date and pricing for Crystalline are to be announced. See the app site for more info.

Technical details:

Clean guitar connected to iPad using Apogee Jam interface, played through Crystalline. No other effects or processing done.

6 thoughts on “Crystalline ‘Shimmer Effect’ On Guitars

  1. Ok. Shimmer effect was done by Eno in the late seventies. Daniël Lanois. Still great but then it involved AMS harmonizer and Lexicon 224. It has been a trademark of the Eno productions ever since. Now anno 2014 for everyone to imitate.

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