MicroTune Rack Extension Brings Microtonal Synthesis To Propellerhead Reason


This video is a sneak preview of a new Rack Extension by Ochen K that’s designed to make it easy to create microtonal music in Propellerhead Reason.

MicroTune is a Rack Extension for Reason that helps with the creation and performance of microtonal music. It does this by automatically modifying the pitches of MIDI notes.

Any note can be ‘tuned’ to a microtonal scale. MicroTune will automatically add pitch bend to notes, as they are played, mapping the notes to the microtonal scale.

Pricing and availability for MicroTune are to be announced.

6 thoughts on “MicroTune Rack Extension Brings Microtonal Synthesis To Propellerhead Reason

  1. Microtonal music requires almost as much from the listener as from the player. You don’t just grab it and go! If you use it poorly, people will throw things at you, because it just sounds out of tune unless placed in context. You can hear a few modern players such as Peter Namlook and Wendy Carlos making great use of it. If its Scala-compatible, you can use tuning tables that include older organ options and Carlos Alpha. Its a great way to add some weird colors to things. People holler for “new” a lot. Well here’s a new direction to try. It could be a real freak zone for break material.

  2. This is a nice workaround but it seems to me that it works only for monophonic instruments. If this is true, it is a cleverly avoided information in the video, as it is crucial.

  3. Yes it is monophonic. But thats a result of how the platform works, not this RE. There are however several ways available to build it into something polyphonic.

  4. After YEARS of painful workarounds to use Reason for microtonal music, FINALLY, someone comes to provide a solution. Looking forward to more details….

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