iConnectMIDI4+ Overview and Demonstration

This set of videos, via MusicInclusive, is a review and demo of the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ audio and MIDI interface.

The iConnectMIDI4+ has several unique features. Not only does it support three computer devices simultaneously – Macs, PCs, and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) – its Audio passThru technology routes audio between them digitally, with no signal degradation, simply appearing as an audio interface to the operating systems.

The video below is part 2 of the overview and demonstration:

The final video looks at the iConnectMIDI4+’s audio passThru features:

The iConnectMIDI4+ has a street price of about $200. See the iConnectivity site for more info.

19 thoughts on “iConnectMIDI4+ Overview and Demonstration

  1. I own it. It’s really flexible with the routing, so that adds a bit of complexity. For example, each “computing device” you hook up to the USB jack gets you 16 Midi ports. This can be a bit of a fumbling situation when setting up your DAW.

    I’ve got two iPads going into Ableton Live. You have to aggregate the iconnectivity with your existing interface, so all of the ports will show up on a single interface for your DAW. In my case, I am only using two of the 16 MIDI ports (ports, not channels mind you!), so I had to disable a lot of them, and it was not intuitive that the ports I needed to send and receive from were #5 and #6 instead of #1 and #2.

    Basically, this thing is awesome. But, be prepared to wrestle with your routing for a while. I bought an extra cord as well. It only comes with one. Extra cords will cost you another $50 with S&H.

    Great product, though. Sure, it seems like you should be able to stick a cable in your ipad and make audio go to the PC through USB without a fancy interface. But, alas, you cannot. So, this thing becomes a great piece!

    1. I would be in the same situation as you — already use an external interface with Ableton Live. I’ve been wanting one of these since they were announced. It’s good to read that, after a bit of configuration, it works well with such a setup. Thank you for the writeup.

      Hopefully I can get one around August. Until then, I’ll have to get by with my Behringer iStudio.

  2. Just got mine. There are 64 MIDI ports altogether. 16 ports on each of the 3 USB device jacks. 8 ports on the 1 USB host jack if you plug a powered USB hub into it. No audio available on the USB host jack. 4 “regular” MIDI DIN ports (in and out). The last 4 ports are assigned to the Ethernet port.
    The routing of ports is a little confusing. Actually a lot confusing when you first look at it.
    But all the flexibility makes this a really nice box. The main reason I got this was for the USB host port which is not on the iConnectMIDI2+ box.
    Nice to have when you want to connect stuff without a computer.

    1. By the way. The lightning to USB cable for iPad works for sending MIDI. So you may not need to purchase an extra cable from iConnectivity if you just want MIDI. Not sure if it works for audio.

      1. Me again. Just confirmed audio passes from one iPad to another with the included 30 pin connector cable and using a lightning to USB cable on another iPad. Works in both directions. Does not matter which cable is sending or receiving audio.

  3. Got mine a week ago today and it has changed my world. Like others, I was confused by the routing but the manual helped. I made an aggregate device and am monitoring through Studio One, which is pumped into Pro Tools. The audio is so damn clean. The MIDI routing allows me to connect all of my gear, and really get creative.

    I think there was a factory coating on the USB host port, it took a few cable re-seatings before it saw my PCR-800. This device is solid now.

    1. thank you all for sharing your experiences.
      there is loads of question i have but main is:
      how are the audio channels handled? i heard something about 4 being max. is that true?
      no chance of single app like gadget or ms20 having access to different outputs for different channels?

  4. Can you connect 3 computers? Or 2 computers and an iOS device? Or is it just 2 iOS plus computer? Shame it’s not coming with lightning cables, but looks great anyway.

    1. If you want to only connect computers together, a more traditional setup would be adequate. The main purpose of the MC4 is to provide charging power to iOS devices, while passing direct audio, and to manage MIDI ports. It’s a flexible studio tool, so I say get one and try different combinations of gear!

  5. I’ve been using the 2 since it came out, and like SubOhm it has indeed changed the way I do things. Having Animoog’s (as an example) audio piped directly into your DAW instead of thru a 15¢ earbud jack will blow your mind. Everything syncs up, plays together, etc. Its really fantastic.

  6. Can you have multiple audiopassthru channels with this and the 2+? As in, have multiple apps be recorded in different tracks in your DAW, or is everything on a single track?

    1. You get a single stereo audio pass thru channel for each device. So, you would have to do multiple takes. Of course you do have lots of MIDI channels, and so using Audiobus and some judicious sub-mixing within the IOS device, you could make a lot of racket on a single pass.

  7. This looks absolutely perfect for my needs and then some, might start out with a 2+ for when I’m on the sofa or at a desk and get the 4+ for the studio. My mind was blown with some of the possibilities as I was watching the vids, especially with audiobus in the mix.

  8. For me what would make this device the end-all swiss army knife would be legacy OS support, like OS9 and 98se. It would be super awesome to be able to easily connect up legacy hardware and integrate it into our modern setups. I still have a G4 MDD with 9.2.2 for old stuff like my Korg OASYS PCI.

    1. All that would need to happen would be the creation of class-compliant audio and MIDI over USB drivers. I’m not sure if such drivers exist for Mac OS 9, however.

  9. Had mine since release and it’s fantastic!

    MS2000BR, EMX1SD & ESX1SD into the DIN jacks. Q49 controller into the USB host jack (room for 15 more with powered USB hub). iPad Air on USB device jack 1 with supplied cable and 30 pin to lightning adapter. PC on USB device jack 3. Jack 2 is currently empty. Audio from modules on Din jacks above go into a Zoom R24 connected to the PC.

    Audio pass thru works like a charm. With this setup I have the option of recording and monitoring on the PC or route it all to the iPad.

    I can control any device from any device. I even switched the ESX out for a RC300 looper pedal on the Din jack and did some fooling around with controller changes. Even daisy chained the two onto the Din. No problem.

    Confirmed RPT-MIDI works nicely over wireless AC with both the iPad and PC detached and wireless. To clarify I have the Ethernet jack connected to a wireless Ethernet bridge.

    Out of the box it works fine. Default routing config is basically a bi-directional thru with MIDI and audio passthru. If you need to isolate and route it’s easier to visualize if you name your devices on their corresponding ports in iConfig. It can get fiddly to configure the deeper you go. I don’t know if there is any benefit to deselecting or disabling unused routes and ports but I’d like to know; as in, is it better to silence unused ports by going in and deselecting those items or is it better to keep the config simple as stock and just let it do its thing?

    Definitely a leap in technology. Can hardly wait for the audio device they have planned. Genius product born out of a few simple needs. Love it when that happens!

    Oh, latency is not a problem.

  10. Hi Folks
    I got my iConnectMIDI4+ now but i cant figure out how to configure it whit my Novation SL 37 (
    and all other midi gear when they are attached to the Powered USB hub ? I see my ipad, iphone and sometimes it sees my PC as well but loses connection very often 🙁 I don’t know why ? If i look at some tutorials on YouTube i see them attach all there gear to the powered hub en they work instantly????
    Press there key’s on there keyboard and works fine? What am i missing here? 🙁 Hope someone can explain how to make it work because i’m about to give up on it all 🙁

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