iMPC Pro – Making Precision Adjustments

The latest in Retronyms series of video teasers for the upcoming Akai iMPC Pro music production center for iPad takes a look at their approach to making precision editing adjustments.

This is something that a lot of apps don’t get right. Ofter, touchscreen apps have small knobs, designed to look like their physical counterparts, that end up being fiddly to work with.

With iMPC Pro, Retronyms is including several precision control options, designed to make it easier to set specific values for panning, mixing, etc.

IMPC Pro is under development, so the developers note that features are subject to change. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

10 thoughts on “iMPC Pro – Making Precision Adjustments

  1. I really wish I knew when this was being released!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO BUY THIS APP!!! LOL. Hopefully they will release it in June

  2. These guys are putting a lot of effort in these vids, we’ll see when it get’s released but it looks like it deserves a chance.

    1. Advertising videos like these cost… well at least time… and time is money
      I’d prefer if that money was spent on development of sw or hw.
      Also, it may seem ‘resentful’, maybe because it partially is…
      but didn’t we pay for these videos and this development buying the previous app?

      maybe the app ‘capabilities’ in the end deserves a chance
      retronyms and akai? they should look and learn from poor but dedicated developers
      that should work hard only to deserve a chance… because they can’t throw the same amount of money or time to advertising or video or whatever

    1. Indeed – couldn’t have said it better myself.
      All this production hype for the iPad and you get left feeling jilted after purchasing a hardware unit.
      2500 and 1000 where save by JJOS – the 5000 (well good luck on that front) and I wouldn’t go near a Renaissance based on passed experience either.

  3. Commendably thorough design decisions, very tempted as it’s looking like a mature product already. Hook it up to the new generation of idocks like the forthcoming Focusrite one and it should be killer 🙂

  4. I think that knob implementation is clever. I wonder if I’d accidentally enter that special knob mode often, since it is just a tap to open it. I like the visual feedback, precision ring, and global button.

    As for all the teasers, it almost seems like a social experiment.

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