Synthrotek Intros 8-Channel OR-Combiner For Euro Modulars

combine-or-productSynthrotek has introduced The Combine-OR – an 8 channel OR-Combiner, with 4 inputs and 1 output per channel.

The Combine-OR allows the user to combine gates, triggers and other logic signals into a single combined OR output.

There are 8 numbered rows that can be daisy-chained in order to input many multiple logic sources, resulting in complex gate or trigger outputs.

This is a passive module and thus does not need a voltage connection or power cable. The passive diodes produce a slight voltage drop between the input and the output of each channel. As a gate combiner it will combine 2 to 4 gate inputs to produce an OR function on the output.

When combining CVs the highest positive input will appear at the output with about 0.7 volts of drop.

The Combine-OR is available as a fully assembled module or in kit form. This kit can also be used to make an 8-channel 1-to-4 passive mult.

See the Synthrotek site for details.

6 thoughts on “Synthrotek Intros 8-Channel OR-Combiner For Euro Modulars


      Probably a 1n4148. As long as the ins and outs of the connected modules are properly designed you don’t need any other components other than connecting the grounds. Any diode will work to some extent (I’ve even done this with LEDs in a pinch) so you could also swap in something germanium flavoured like 1n34a’s and only have to put up with a .3V drop.

    2. 1N4148 diodes are used to “mix” the signals into a single OR output. The schematic is available on their site. It is a very simple circuit – great for beginners.

  1. I don’t get this module at all, you would need a massive system to take advantage of all the inputs. The 2hp Intellijel version makes much more sense.

    1. Not really – even in a small system you can easily find eight trigger inputs where combined inputs are very welcome.

      What I’d like to see though is someone put an OR combiner into a stackcable, because the 12 HP the Combine-OR takes up is pretty hefty indeed.

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