Arpology ‘Sonic Animation Tool’ Now Shipping

Arpology, recently announced by Sonic Faction, is available for download today. A virtual instrument for Native Instruments’ Kontakt, Arpology is dedicated to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments.

The core of Arpology has been designed around Sample Logic’s Step Animator – a step sequencer and arpeggiator, combined into a single engine for animating complex melodic and rhythmic patterns on a per-step basis.

The first video, above, takes an in-depth look at Arpology’s features and how they can be used. 

The next video, below, is an in-depth look at Arpology’s iPad integration (via TouchOSC) and how it brings additional immediacy to working with Arpology:

Arpology Audio Examples:

Pricing and availability

Sample Logic’s Arpology is now available for download, for $399.99. To order, or for more information, including system requirements, visit the Sample Logic website.

11 thoughts on “Arpology ‘Sonic Animation Tool’ Now Shipping

  1. $400 is pretty steep for a software arpeggiator. A capable one, to be sure, but it’s not an original concept; Elektron’s Octatrack offers 8 channels of MIDI sequencing/arpeggiation with similar or arguably greater functionality. Of course that costs about $1200 but that’s hardware, plus it has extensive built-in sampling functionality with the MIDI sequencing as a bonus rather than the main event. $250 seems a more appropriate price point for this tool.

  2. Uh, $400 are you kidding me? This is nice looking but that has to be a joke. Has no one here heard of Numerology?

  3. I can’t imagine they’ll get a lot of people buying it at that price. Even at half the price it would be a challenge to move.

  4. Expect no Arpology!!! To add to high price. You cannot sell on any of Sample Logics products. I got stung with there Cyclone synth from them. I was passed back and forth from them and Native Instruments each claiming it was the other party that refused to allow the product to be sold on.

    I notice they have improved the information on there website under the terms and conditions section to let users know this. Buying software on the internet is such dodgy territory because the lack of clear rulings and someone to go to when you feel you have been ripped off. Stick to hardware.

  5. £400 !!!!! ???

    Is that a misprint ? Surely it was supposed to be £40 ?

    They must be having a giraffe. I either make my own arps ( its not difficult if you have an imagination ) , or use Kirnu Cream which only cost me about £25 – £30 .
    There is also Xfer records cthulhu which was only about £40.

    I have kontakt and there is absolutely no way I’d spend £400 on this. I wouldn’t even buy it if it cost £100 as there are tools that are much cheaper that do the same thing.

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