iMPC Pro Sneak Preview – Sidechain Compression With Turbo Duck

The latest in Retronyms‘ series of sneak previews of the upcoming Akai iMPC Pro iPad music production center app takes a look at ‘Turbo Duck’.

iMPC Pro’s Turbo Duck is a one button sidechain compressor, designed to making ducking effects easy to apply.

Note: iMPC Pro is currently in development, so features are subject to change. Pricing and availabilty are to be announced.

13 thoughts on “iMPC Pro Sneak Preview – Sidechain Compression With Turbo Duck

  1. looks like if u use the duck you can’t use the master compressor for classic compression. sidechain compressor followed by a master compressor and limiter would be much more useful. on the other hand this is not gonna be a tool for mixng/mastering/finishing tracks anyway. gui-wise it’s really nice!

  2. Good teasing, but are we going to know one day – before release I mean – if it has midi clock and advanced midilearn (mute / unmute /loop/sfx/ etc…) ?
    Playing on an iPad is not and never be a good controler live and on stage…

  3. A bouncing duck with a hat! That’s cool!
    +1 for the midi implementation
    also is the duck immortal or abusing compression we can kill it?

    1. I fear it might be more like the chickens in Zelda, hit him too much and all his siblings will attack you.

    1. the Clapper was disgusted with this comment as well, oh how mine hands quiver with the anticipation of the clapping but alas we will wait and see.

  4. I’ll buy half a dozen copies of the app if that numbskull can keep still for a millisecond.
    Still don’t understand the half baked marketing, but that’s probably because I’m not an expert in marketing – I wonder how many meetings they had before deciding their approach – time well spent IMHO 🙂
    The duck with a hat is the first thing I’ve liked about the app; don’t care much for the effect though, lol.
    I’ve yet to see any features that warrant the PRO label.
    Maybe in the next video they’ll talk about the rock solid clock, MIDI learn and all the import/export options, including the ability to bounce all separate tracks in high quality MP3 format, lol.
    Maybe. 🙂
    At least it should have a decent library of samples, even after you discount all the wub wub type nonsense.
    Go on then, one more for good measure 🙂 there, that’s my weekly quota used up.

  5. As pointed out in a thread on forum:

    – turbo duck affects master out only, cannot compress just one channel with another. Bad design!!

    – no release knob for sidechain effect. No tweaking of the pump effect. Again bad design retronyms!!

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