10 thoughts on “LinnStrument Status Update

  1. looks like a little combination ext powered USB hub and iOS connection kit. Anyone know what that is? Looks like it could be one of those dealextreme devices.

  2. there is a lot of interest in this controller. mass produce it and get that price as low as you can. this thing could really take off and reach it’s full potential if it is affordable by more than just the wealthy.

  3. “There’s still plenty of work to do but we’re hoping to ship this fall and It will cost somewhere in the $1000 to $2000 range.”

    from the rogerlinndesign website – so not completely ridiculous, $1000 would be better obviously 🙂

    1. reaaaaally hope they can plan to produce enough to lower the price to the $750/$850 range.
      in other words, see it priced more towards push and maschine,
      that come with their own ecosystems, workflows, baggage, awards, …

      1. I’d rather see Linn do a better instrument that costs more, than make compromises to make it cheaper.

        $1,000 should not be a barrier to serious musicians, and there are things like the QuNexus that do multi-touch quite affordably.

    2. I disagree – I’d personally like them to add more features like a sequencer or some cv outputs, even if it made it more expensive. Not everyone likes being tied down to the computer+controller format!

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