SoundMorph TimeFlux Time Stretching, Morphing & Spectral Effects Software

SoundMorph has introduced TimeFlux  – a new standalone app that they describe as “ultimate time stretching, morphing, and spectral effects processing software.”

Here’s what they have to say about TimeFlux:

TimeFlux takes your sound to a whole new level of control and sonic manipulation. Just like time is endless, the possibilities in TimeFlux are endless as you can Morph between 8 snapshots using our custom Orb controller area. Control TimeFlux with your mouse, or as an added bonus control it with an optional Leap Motion controller and harness the powers of time in your hand!

You can load up to 4 sounds and up to 4 VSTs in TimeFlux, record your performance and export it as a .WAV file, or record straight into your DAW. Time and space will never be the same!

TimeFlux also contains 3.6Gb of custom made sound design revolving around the theme of time manipulation. All sounds included were carefully crafted by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. Both experimental and practical, the included sound design complements the TimeFlux software, and also is quite usable on its own.


  • Load up to 4 sound files
  • Load up to 4 VST plugins within TimeFlux
  • 8 snapshot Orb Controller
  • Optional Leap Motion controller. Leap Motion sold separately here:
  • 2 time stretchers
  • 1 morphers
  • 4 filters
  • Record and Export your performance in wave files
  • 3.6 Gb TimeFlux sound design soundpack included made by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov
  • Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)

Here’s an official audio demo:

Timeflux is available to order now, priced at US $69, with an introductory price of $55.

11 thoughts on “SoundMorph TimeFlux Time Stretching, Morphing & Spectral Effects Software

  1. It’s not available now, it’s available 2. June.

    And I need more sound samples/examples to buy at the introductory price.

  2. Examples of before-and-after sound file processing would give prospective buyers a better indication of what this software can do.

  3. The demo sounds like something from Twisted Tools which is a VERY good thing but I agree, some video demos of before and after would be nice! Would help us decide if this is a tool we could use! Really like what I’m hearing so far tho!

    1. If it’s like their Wave Warper app, it was probably coded in MaxMSP and unfortunately since V5, Max can no longer author plug-ins. Both this and Wave Warper look very interesting. Wave Warper has an in-depth tutorial, looking forward to a similar tutorial for TimeFlux as well.

    2. And I actually don’t mind that it’s standalone. If anything, I think a sandbox approach to making sounds may work better for me personally. I often feel like I get lost when I fire up Ableton with my hundreds of plug-ins.

  4. I’m interested – I love spectral stuff! Michael Norris’ free spectral shapers are especially nice. Anybody have any experience with SoundMorph’s products? Most of them just seem to be sample packs, so I wonder of what quality their DSP programming is.

  5. Greetings Synthtopia friends,

    We really appreciate all of your interest in TimeFlux, and we totally understand a launch trailer doesn’t give you that much information, it’s really to just build some excitement up. 🙂 If you’d like to see a tutorial video we recently posted for TimeFlux, have a look here:
    perhaps it will help you decide if TimeFlux is right for you. Thank you kindly and have a great day everyone! -SoundMorph

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