iMPC Pro Effects & Inter-App Audio

The latest video in Retronyms‘ sneak preview series for the upcoming Akai Pro iMPC Pro looks at effects and Inter-App Audio.

The video looks at using built-in mix effect, including reverb, delay, and chorus/flanger. It also looks at working with 3rd-party Inter-App Audio effect apps.

iMPC Pro is currently under development, so release date and pricing is still to be announced.

29 thoughts on “iMPC Pro Effects & Inter-App Audio

  1. Just release it already!

    Tell you what, if after all this teasing it falls short of being _the_app_to_end_all_apps_ we’re going to be mighty disappointed! Heheh 😉

  2. its getting a bit boring, also it doesnt make me wanting it for some reason.
    the more i see their marketing strategy with this video the more it turns me off

    its either that they want to justify an insane price like 20 bucks for a ios sampler and wanna convince us to buy it because of some (nice) features or they wanna build up that feeling to release it as impc free update.

    i wont buy it for the first reason, as every idea published now, is already copied and used by at least a few dozens of developers right now to be released in their next software/update.

    iam still a bit offended by the lack of features and love put in the impc, i dont know if iam willing to pay for literaly the same product again, and face it its akai and the mpc

    i mean what else then releasing the same over and over again can they do ? they dont have anything else to emulate then different mpcs

    iam waiting on another manufacturers version with all the akais features and the rest added that will lack the new akai version

    1. I would guess 20-30€. They have to mark it up because it has two monikers that at least double the price of the app: iMPC and Pro.

      1. I would be completely fine with $20-$40, if they deliver on making this a real MPC workstation. If they make an MPC almost pro, or an MPC left out a few important features, everyone will be disappointed!

  3. Until they make it a free upgrade to ALL iMPC users that got ripped off… I’m not buying or supporting it in any way. Hell, I might bash it just to give Akai negative publicity. They screwed over many paying customers with the last one.

  4. This is a bit overplayed, but if you think about it, it’s kind of a big deal.
    Trying to get a virtual version of perhaps one of the most important musical devices onto iOS (especially after the first failure), is pretty significant. It is a bit drawn out though for sure, but you don’t have to watch it do you? Take 1 second to scroll past it. I know in this day and age that’s a major inconvenience….

  5. The MPC of yore / “golden era” has become a concept so elusive that even Akai (and Retronyms) have been trying to recapture it themselves (with very mixed results).
    I sure am glad they’re trying though and this version looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

  6. In the effects sections, why have an on-button, plus a separate off-button, plus a “power” label?! In all that space the could have just put one big lit up i-inside-of-O toggle power button.

    Nit-picky, I’ll admit. But it does seem like a dumb choice.

    1. It’s the same button, a toggle button, a large one. I like that. “Power” is just a label.

      What’s I don’t like is wasting so much space in Buddhas and large value displays, cannibalizing the space left for the actual controls. But it’s fine, you can always use IA FX Apps where the developers give you real space to control the parameters (like Swoopster).

      But while you look at the singing Buddha you might pay less attention to the audio quality/levels/clipping…

      I’ll wait for the multi-touch sample chopping video. That alone might sell it.

  7. What’s wrong with people? This app is gonna convince me to buy an iPad air. I think they way these developers are doing the promo is ok. The videos are higher quality than most app demo videos are, not only that, they are running through the features step by step so that when it is finally released, there would be ease of use.

    And besides, they are still developing it and likely testing the hell out of it before release to ensure a bug free environment as much as possible.

    This is called professionalism, thorough testing, informing potential customers as to the progress of the development process itself.

    I think there is a lot of reputation at stake here so I appreciate these developers taking their time to deliver a polished product.

    It is ready when it’s ready:)

  8. Come on… really? Are you trying to fool yourself or everybody else?
    What they’re doing is securing a buzz, week after week until the product launches.

    Their “reputation” is not very good, considering the half baked effort iMPC is. Then again, they’re not alone as iMaschine is another prime example of releasing a glimpse of what could be a great App (although it is great fun and the projects can be continued on the Maschine software).

    And I would love to read why this “pro version” is going to convince you to buy an iPad Air. So far they have not shown anything remarkable.

    1. Despite the limited vox populi on forums and blogs, Retronyms apps have been succesful ( see their relevant soundcloud communities that have much larger followings and contributions than any other iOS based soundcloud group)

      That tells me they have a market.

      Further, this iMPC pro is being promoted right, creating a “buzz” is proper marketing right? You want to make people want the product.

      Judging by the amount of hits on their YouTube channel, they are nearly home, with a guaranteed big amount of sales.

      The app looks and sounds good and I decided its high time I got an iPad because I want synths like Nave, Thor, Animoog, which are far cheaper than the hardware but just as functional ( but far more portable and certainly non breakable ), and I want an mpc

      But for the price of an MPC , I can get an iPad and quite a few decent apps so why not?

      Hope that answers your question dude:)

      Let the developers do their thing! It’s up to the individual wether they buy the apps

      1. “But for the price of an MPC , I can get an iPad and quite a few decent apps so why not?”

        Nobody’s saying don’t buy a iPad for the plethora of Professional Synth apps, etc. Just don’t put all your faith in the NUKAI iMPC. You will be disappointed. If you love ducks a Buddhas in a “Pro” app then cool. lol *jokes*

        iMPC is not the only MPC style Drum Sampler in the App Store. Theres others with way more features and well thought out midi connectivity, Audiobus etc..

      2. In that case don’t wait anymore. Get the iPad. And while iMPC pro is not ready check Beatmaker 2.
        Have fun.

  9. At a guess, folks are just miffed that they presented the original iMPC as, well, an MPC and it fell short of the mark by a considerable degree on several levels.

    OK, loads of folks made good music with it and I did find occasional use for it, although I never bothered reinstalling it when I got a new iPad, but that’s not really the point, we thought we were getting one thing and we actually got another.

    Yes a reputation is at stake, but it’s a reputation in need of serious recovery. I probably will give them another chance but I will be waiting for the reviews first, and yes, I don’t mind paying for that _if_ they deliver. If they don’t deliver this time I’m afraid that reputation will be irreparably damaged and I won’t take another chance.

    I do admit it does look a lot better than the original but I am still sceptical and half wondering how many ads will be in it and if there is another rendition of that feck awful news ticker there will be no sale. By all means include a news system, but keep it optional and away from the musical interface, or better still, provide an email news update list or something.

    Why am I bothering to write this? Because I would like Retronyms to get it right this time, I would like to be able to buy a great app that captures the essence of all that was good about the MPC free from ads and other distractions – here’s hoping 🙂

    1. I think judging by the time and effort that Retronyms are putting into this that I hope ( and akai too) they get it right. I enjoy the video teasers and the app IS designed very well with cool features. I quite like the Buddha reverb , it’s a cheeky visual touch and the multi touch and automations are pretty impressive I feel. So lets give them the benefit of the doubt and try it out once it arrives.

    2. Your comments are on the money. Retronyms/Akai have a chance to redeem themselves from the iMPC/MPC Fly/MPC Element debacle. If they were to deliver a solid product that shows they are doing more than just throwing together yet another gimmicky product that ‘borrows’ features from their competitors and touts them as being cutting-edge and new. It is quite comical that nearly all of the features they have listed have been in Beatmaker for years and clearly could have and should have been in the quickly abandoned original iMPC. They are also showing that they have not learned from their previous habit of ignoring their customers’ number one requested feature, Audiobus! They claim that this is a completely new product from iMPC as if to imply that it has been totally recoded so why not include Audiobus 2 as well as IAA? Beatmaker has no problem doing it. But Retronyms is clearly up to their usual shiesty ways. They remain largely oblivious by the scathing iTunes reviews and public ridicule on social media and music forums. They still respond to no-brainer questions regarding Audiobus and other basic features with the standard “…tell us how you would use that feature”. Oh well, Beatmaker 3 will be released, Beat Hawk will be released and iMaschine has been updated so maybe N.I. will finally take advantage of Retronym’s greed and incompetence and release a killer iMaschine Pro. The professional companies usually drop major products without a bunch of excessive hype. Just look at how Korg’s Gadget dropped out of nowhere and pleasantly surprised everyone with a dizzying array of features and then they added Audiobus a short time later AS PROMISED! Are you listening Retronyms?

  10. I think the reality is that iMPC probably sold a lot of copies – and it was probably a decent app for mainstream users, at the price

    But pros wanted a lot more and it didn’t deliver. It was ‘MPC lite’.

    Now, when they announce the iMPC Pro, the serious musos are skeptical, because they got burned the first time around.

    They’d better nail it this time.

  11. Still waiting for five things:
    1. My man there to just stand still and using the same hand gestures for every word he says.
    2. A feature that actually warrants the pro name.
    3. An app made by a company that isn’t run my bean counters and marketing ‘gurus’.
    4. This app to come out, to see if I need to re-evaluate my views – even if not of the marketing. I’m certainly not the only one that thinks the fine line of excitement/anticipation has well and truly been crossed, into territory of annoyance and frustration. I’m sure even the focus group must have told them that.
    5. Me to stop boring myself.
    If you don’t know why I hold the opinions I have, with regard to Akai and Retronyms, it’s a question of how both of these companies have chosen to make, market and support their products, especially in recent years. Ultimately it’s a question of how they treat their customers.

    Wow, nearly bit my tongue clean though trying not to go to rant city! – it’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t wanna live there.
    I should have never stopped taking drugs. The Verve were wrong. Grrr……get offa my damn lawn!….son of a diddly.
    Good session everyone, thanks.

  12. “I spent a few bucks on iMPC and I didn’t like it and I’ll never forget it or let anyone else forget it and it will haunt me forever, even though I spent twice as much money on a sandwich last week and completely forgot about that and now I deserve royal treatment because I paid for an app and I demand justice and I’ll never trust RetroSCAMS or their “pro” (really, it won’t let me be professional) MPC.” Am I doing this right? Can I capture the entitled app-user rage mood?

      1. lol… but correct. I think the idea behind the complainers is that getting robbed for $5 or whatever it was is still being robbed. The marketing behind the iMPC was deceptive. I don’t want an app to magically make me a “pro.” I just don’t like being lied out of any amount of my hard-earned cash. The new one looks much better, but I won’t be buying it.

        Beatmaker 2 is better anyways. 🙂

  13. if they make a competent impc no one will buy the windows based hardware version we saw a couple of months back

  14. well the Clapper must admit that the Clapper was quite miffed about the first impc which needed to be clapped severely but the Clapper also must confess that this new incarnation is looking allot better…. the Clapper doesn’t get his or her hopes up in a rush though because the Clapper knows this retronyms be a Wiley beast for sure so the Clapper must be cautious and patient. If this beardy guy would allow real side chain compression per track and not just ducking the master mix as well as stop saying things like j-dilla is known for using side chain compression in his music then the Clapper might just give this unshaven coyote a chance… a chance to dance…. the dance of sonic romance….. with the Clapper!

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