New Patch Library Travels To The Omniverse

Plugin Guruspectrasonics-omnisphere has introduced Omniverse III: Aurora – a patch library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere that has its own sci-fi backstory.

Creator John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl decided to something a little different with Omniverse III: Aurora.

The patch library is based around a sci-fi concept story and comes with a 4-page comic of the ‘Omniverse Chronicles’.

The audio demos include tracks by film and TV composer Amin Bhatia and others:

Here’s what he has to say about the new patch library:

I decided to “think out of the box” for this library:

1) I wrote a fictious story about an invasion that happend on the planet Omniverse and spans over the artwork you see in Omniverse Vol 1 and 2: A Dark Hope. The UnVerse are invading!

2) I created 100 patches that could be used to “tell this story” as a film score including Fast attack String Orchestra Patches, Short Attack Strings, Fast Arco strings, Solo Cello-ish, Solo French Horn, Ensemble French Horns, EPIC EPIC Pipe Organs (with Choir and Strings versions also included), Orchestral Bass Drum, Orchstral Snare Drum, EPIC Impacts, Death of a Evil Civilization, amazing and unorthodox Bell patches and the most mind blowing synth pads I’ve ever created for anything. There is also the Auroa Piano which is a truly unique patch that starts very mellow but adds toxic distortion and mult-octaves to the sound as you move the Modulation wheel to max!

EVERY PATCH has sonic changes happen with the Modulation wheel. For example, with the fast attack string programs, I added EQ to the Layer effects and you can increase the high EQ with the Modulation wheel. This ability is truly unique to Omnisphere and makes the string programs come alive WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO which is something no sample library (even with 8x round robin) can provide! YOU control the string articulation with 127 variations on the Modulation wheel.

Make sure you listen to Amin Bhatia’s incredible “Battle for Omniverse” demo composition. Aside from a kick from Stylus RMX and a few other Percussion samples, this entire composition was created with only the Omniverse III: Aurora patches! This compostion sounds like it came from a $1,000.00+ Sample Library of sounds – but it didn’t!

3) Jeffrey Martell did the AWESOME cover artwork and also turned my story into an EPIC anime style 4-page comic and this comic is included in PDF formate with the library for FREE!

Here’s Lehmkuhl’s video intro to the library:

Omniverse III: Aurora is available now for US $30. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5 or later is required.

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