Oval Electronic Instrument – An Electronic Instrument Inspired By The Hang


Creators Ravid Goldschmidt and Álex Posada have announced Oval, a new electronic instrument, inspired by the Hang percussion instrument.

Oval is both an electronic musical instrument and an open-hardware music controller, linked to an app for iOS. It allows you to manipulate the instrument, change its sounds and programs. It’s also designed to be a tool for music education, sharing compositions and performing live.

Here’s a demo of the Hang in action:


While the video demos the Oval being used to control traditional Hang sounds, it opens up the performance possibilities of using it to play different sounds, different scales and – since it’s open hardware – even different software.

Pricing and availability for the Oval are still to be announced.

23 thoughts on “Oval Electronic Instrument – An Electronic Instrument Inspired By The Hang

  1. Make sure it can be connected to things OTHER than an Ipad and you’ll sell more. It also might help to show the guy in the commercial playing things other than a hang drum patch.

    1. Since they say it’s an open hardware controller, I’m confident it should work with PC, Mac, Linux, Android and so on…

  2. First time here on synthopia to say that’s pretty amazing.
    I can’t carry my Handpan everywhere and this must be the solution for my live use.
    Need a price 😀

    1. J, I have to agree. Aside from a couple of impressive Launchpad types recently, few people seem to really stand out on these devices. It takes a certain number of hours’ practice to become really listenable on anything. You can become competent, yet still not “rock” unless you break through a certain barrier to better performance, especially in real-time. The distraction of something new and shiny every week can make you restless. I know! In my experience, you can get more out of it if you have a more solid base, like with Live, a guitar or an MPC. Then you can branch out and get better contrast going. If someone has 12 ‘alternates’ scattered around the room, they’re probably not using them all to the fullest extent, but if they are wowed by 2 or 3 they use a lot, lemme hear it. That kind of devotion often = a good time to be had by all. Just a respectful observation.

  3. I just hope it will be affordable. Having one handpan with all the scales you want, no tuning issues is really a good idea.

  4. Forgive me, but my initial and persistent perception is that he’s wearing a “special” helmet. Anybody else?

  5. Great idea Great initiative! Looking forward to get more information especially about the pricing and buying options. I hope it will not be that tricky to get one like a hang. I also hope that we can use it with other devices not only IPAD.

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