Moog Music Releases Limited-Edition MF-104M Super Delay


Moog Music has announced a limited-production release of the MF-104M Super Delay, based on Moog’s analog delay, the MF-104M.


  • The MF-104M Super Delay features over 1.2 seconds of ‘vintage’ analog delay time, provided by 6 NOS (new old stock) Panasonic Bucket Brigade chips.
  • The power supply, bias, and rail generating circuitry have all been improved from the original model, for greater sound quality and reduced microphonics.
  • An Emphasis/De-Emphasis circuit has been added for reduced noise.
  • Additionally, the delay-loop level matching circuitry from the 500 Series analog delay has been included for maximized feedback and mix stability.

“In 2005, we released the MF-104SD, of which only 250 units were ever produced,” said Cyril Lance, Moog Music Chief Engineer. “The new MF-104M Super Delay utilizes the identical vintage Bucket Brigade chips found in the classic MF-104SD, faithfully delivering a vintage grittiness that’s extremely musical.”


The MF-104M Super Delay includes all of the features found in the original MF-104M analog delay, including MIDI control of every feature on and under the hood, a 6 Waveshape LFO, tap tempo of delay time and LFO rate, spillover mode, and the traditional short/long delay switch for bright, articulate 50ms-600ms trails, and darker 100ms-1200ms trails.

Like the other models in the range of Moogerfoogers, the MF-104M Super Delay is housed in a rugged steel chassis with wood sides and utilizes CV/Expression inputs for external control of Time, Rate, Feedback, Amount, and Mix parameters. A delay feedback Insert is also available for adding external effects to the delay line.

Pricing and Availability

A run of 560 MF-104M Super Delays is now available at Moog Music dealers, at a suggested retail price of $799 US. More information is available at the Moog Music website, along with dealer information.

32 thoughts on “Moog Music Releases Limited-Edition MF-104M Super Delay

  1. I’m sure it’s fantastic but $800 for a delay unit is very hard to justify- Yet I’m sure they’ll have no problem selling. People will pay any amount if the right brand name is on it!

    1. I agree the price is steep, however I own a few Moog pedals and they do live up to their expectations. These peds in most respects are instruments of their own and very rewarding to play. I guess price wise they are are filed under the “you get what you pay for” category of effects. I also agree it’s not just the brand but the build and sound quality that cannot be matched by any digital unit.

  2. I have just bought my first Strymon effects unit the Big Sky, I have been checking their echo unit the time line(?)
    Strymon are the boss company , This moog unit is double the price and 10oth of the sound detail.
    The name in effects for me is STRYMON!
    Anyone into deep tripped out reverbs and echoes, this company is catering for your ears not brand prestige.

    1. i have the el capstan and i LOVE it. its definitely an amazing pedal and i am looking to add the big sky. i do feel personally though that the character of these pedals is mos definitely digital, and the moogerfoogers have a a certain character from teh analog components. that shit is jus real to my ears. i think best to get both, but not this delay…too much dough!

      1. I also own the Strymon Big Sky and Timeline… AMAZING gear… def more versatile than the Moog (I own the original moogerfooger delay).

        Still, the Moog is not an emulation. It does have a different character than the modeled stuff. It also has more control options via CV. It’s also more immediate, and imho, more fun to play.

        But I hear ya about the Strymon stuff. I’d recommend their pedals over the Moog for someone’s sole unit, or as their studio workhorse. And I also get that Moog isn’t the best just because it says Moog on it. I sold off my Moogerfooger filter pedal to purchase a Sonuus Wahoo pedal because TBH I didn’t like it very much…

        O yea… If you like the Strymon stuff, check out the Sonuus pedals… especially the Wahoo…

    2. …said the Moog hater who doesn’t know the difference between an analog delay and a digital delay.

      I like the Strymon pedals just fine but with a digital delay unless you really need it to be portable you might as well be using a plug-in or an iPad app.

    3. This is a different type of device completely, and people that understand analog delays know why they are expensive.

      The chips for these things haven’t been made for years, so they’re using new old stock BBDs, which are hard to find and expensive. The Moogerfoogers are also built like tanks and this one has tons of patching and control options.

      It’s expensive, but anyone that thinks this is expensive for what it is doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  3. For that price I brought an Eventide H3500 harmoniser with 900 algorythms (too many amazing delays in there). For half the price i got the El Capistan from Strymon which is unbeliebable. Moog, stop stealing!

    1. Analog effects have characteristics that digital effects technically can’t match.

      Say that digital simulations are ‘good enough’ for your needs, but don’t advertise your ignorance!

  4. As someone who likes to hack together synthesizers from the bones up, I wish someone would crank up production of analog audio chips, whether it’s these chips, SID chips (which has analog filters), the CEM and SSM chips, etc.

  5. These things are obviously for the seriously wealthy or discerning tastes, and for what they do, if you need it, they are fantastic. there is a reason for their cost. of course they don’t offer the flexibility of the styrom, but they are a totally different product. kinda like comparing an arp2600 to an access virus. They will sell all these out. wish I had the $$..(or $$$)….. but there is something sublime about the sound on these, even if you just use it as a pass thru unit. check out the fantastic review of the older ones in the last issue of TapeOp….

  6. Spec-wise, probably the ultimate BBD delay ever produced!
    For mere mortals, consider the Ibanez Echo Shifter ES2.
    Up to a full minute of underclocked dual BBDs, an lfo, a oscillation circuit that boosts, distorts and limits the feedback path, a nice slider, good looks and wood sides.
    Not fully analog (controls are tracked digitally, there is a digital clock noise filtering stage) but it’s a genuine BBD with a full 1000ms of analog delay fun.

      1. Did I say “full minute”? – I meant full second – 1000ms.
        Moog wins for features, build quality, delay time, etc. But the Echo Shifter is a good option for a lot less money. Great for synth, guitar, drum machines, etc.

  7. …said the Moog hater who doesn’t know the difference between an analog delay and a digital delay.

    I like the Strymon pedals just fine but with a digital delay unless you really need it to be portable you might as well be using a plug-in or an iPad app.

    I am 50 and know the difference between analogue and digital effects. The idea I don’t is comical. I am a music tech tutor, and have owned wem copycats, Roland space echoes etc I don’t hate moog, so please don’t re jig what my point was and what you think I said.
    Your reference about I pads being a great effects unit has amused me no end. Try plugging one of those into mixing desk. Who is the person with a narrow working knowledge of analogue and digital? me or you .

    1. Livhten up ol mate, its only the internet.

      Owning a voyager and the cv expander and mooger controller for it along with a minitaur, this is a natural fit into that corner of the studio, nice delay with lots of cv inputs!

      If I didnt have lots of cv outs and other gear for it to work with, or just a guitar, id get a strymon! The prophet 12 is proof that sharc processors have caught up and will soon surpass analog! Unless youre talking about an old synthi which sways and drifts while playing, the real argument between analog and didgutal is over! My opinion (my studio is filled with analog gear fwiw)

    2. How silly of me to make such brash assumptions! Your years of wisdom are evident in your clear and articulate writing style and your technical prowess is evident in your mastery of Synthtopia’s complicated comment-and-reply thread system.

      And having re-read your comment I’m sure you’re right that you don’t hate Moog. I’m sure you were just making a level-headed comparison between two products and not trying to stoke some kind of Moog vs Strymon fanboy war.

      And speaking of people who ‘re jig’ (?) what other people say, I never said the iPad is a ‘great effects unit,’ but since you’re harping on that I’ll ask the question: how exactly would using an iPad with a decent audio interface and a delay app be any different from using the Strymon Timeline? Ultimately they’re both computers executing code and treating your sound as 1s and 0s.

  8. It seems lihe price is the first thing people think about anymore, rather than quality, flexibility, musicality or build.

    I’ve got gear from the 70s that is as great as ever – but I struggle to find new gear that isn’t plastic and disposable.

    Why do so many keyboardist settle for plastic junk that doesn’t feel nice, isn’t inspirational and won’t last ten years?

    1. I think it’s more that price is the first thing people whine about on bulletin boards. People who want these probably just silently buy them.

  9. I’ve never owned any Moog hardware. Just the ios stuff. Animoog is amazing and in a class by itself. I have played with the moogerfoogers and was very close to purchasing the delay. I am a sucker for delay. I just LOVE a good delay.
    I do own a TC Flashback and for a digital untit, it sounds preet nice
    I absolutely love EH MEMORY TOY too! It’s simple and just beautiful!!!

    My $$$ is currently being saved for the SUB 37!!!

  10. I would never consider buying a moogerfooger. If it were half the price it would still be a stretch. No doubt it costs $1000 in Australia after exchange rates and shipping. I could just about buy a sub patty for that.

  11. Hey digital dildos, why don’t you slap an expression pedal on your digital delay and try modulating the delay time and see what it sounds like. Wait, you don’t have mod input? Or midi routing to delay time even if you do have mid in? I wonder why.. I’ve owned dozens of digital delays, at least 10 tape echos, several BBD’s.

    Moog builds the best frigging delay on the planet, period. Talking out your face is obviously because you can’t afford one, or don’t know the value of a fully midi capable unit. This pedal is stupid retarded value for the money, I’d pay 2x the asking price any day.

    Grow up, educate yourselves. Comparing strymon crap to this is a fucking joke, I don’t care HOW many patches come with other pedals, lol.

    1. Fuzzpope is right. Go try to modulate the delay time on most digital delays and notice the cut out of whatever is in the “buffer”.

  12. I owned an El Capistan. VERY digital sounding. I have owned a timeline. WAY too many gimmicks and yes, sounds digital. When I plugged in the Moog 104M, WOW…so much more organic, musical and it became an instrument in itself.

    I love Strymon, I own the Big Sky. But this Moog blows their Capistan and Timeline out of the water. Best delay on the planet. I just received this 104M Super Delay and its even better than the standard 104M in sound quality. Amazing.

    Sold the Timeline and the El Capistan as they could not even get close to the Moog. This is from someone who owned them ALL, not someone who is bitter about the cost.

    It is what it is, and yes, this is the best you can get for delay.

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