16 thoughts on “Kodama – 20syl

  1. ya know, it’s stuff like this that kept me away from synths for so many years… but to each there own, i guess.

  2. This might sound nit-picky, but were all those units on? It sort of looked like the OP1 and the Launchpad, especially, were not on because both usually produce tons of blinky lights. The other units looked deactivated as well. I guess the intention was to create a music video that “appeared” to be people playing synths, but not really?

    I guess I’m being nerdy and silly, but the units appearing off kind of bumped me strangely. Very stylish, nonetheless.

    1. And those hands! At the end, it was revealed *spoiler* that they were not connected to human beings! That can’t be real, right? Usually hands/arms are connected to bodies and are controlled by the nervous system! Plz explain.

    2. If you watch closely, the video is very accurate, yet very artificial, too.

      See how stretched out the arms get at times? As they play the actual patterns?

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