Inter App Audio & iMPC Pro

The latest episode in the iMPC Pro Log video series takes a look at the ‘Inter-App’ Ecosystem and Akai Pro’s upcoming iMPC Pro.

iMPC Pro can work with Inter App Audio compatible apps in a variety of ways. You can sample and chop from other apps, send your mix through standalone effects, and record iMPC Pro into your favorite DAWs.

You can view earlier videos in the iMPC Pro Log video series via the playlist embed below.

See our previous post on the app for iMPC Pro specifications.

iMPC Pro is currently in development. The release date and price is to be announced.

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24 thoughts on “Inter App Audio & iMPC Pro

  1. Slow news day? I’m a bit tired of reading about iMPC pro now. Why the marketing hype for something so dull?

  2. Sold. Hopefully this is released soon! I really like beatmaker2, but the workflow is a little wonky. This seems much cleaner!

  3. What about audiobus? No shortage of ways to connect to the app ecosystem?? Lol.
    Ahh, ahh, ahh, umm.. Please edit out all your umming and ahhhing next time

    1. I don’t mind the ums and ahs, that’s better than too-slick productions.

      But 500 apps do AudioBus now. Why not make it 501?

    2. Audiobus is a third party conduit and is a direct competitor to Retronym’s own inter-connect conduit called Tabletop. Why would Retronym be forced to make their app compatible with a competitor? Maybe someday, but not early for sure.

      The real problem lies within the fact that such kind of inter-connect conduit needs to be embedded at the core of the operating system, and not merely supported by a third party app.

      1. Inter-App audio is already available at a system level on iOS – unlike competitive systems.

        AudioBus is a widely-supported third-party standard (like VST before it) that is extremely popular because it offers advanced features that are very useful for musicians. It probably would not make sense for Apple (or Microsoft) to add these type of advanced features to the system, because they would bloat the system for features that are only useful to musicians – probably a very tiny fraction of the total number of people that buy their products.

        1. I aggree with everything you said, but even if Audiobus is widely supported, it is still a competitor to Tabletop and Retronym is not forced to support a competitor.

          As an analogy I would say that Propellerhead is not forced to release all the Rack Extensions as VST plugins, even though VST’s is widely supported.

          Again, if IOS had proper pasteboard, inter-connect conduits or plugins, none of this would be necessary.

      2. Why would you want Retronyms to not support AudioBus?

        That’s insane – it would cost them little to support it and it would vastly increase interest among musicians.

        1. “Why would you want Retronyms to not support AudioBus?”

          I am not saying that at all, absolutely not. I’m just explaining why its not happening. If anything I would love iMPC Pro to be on Audiobus.

  4. I wonder if that blurry app is BeatMaker 2? Sounds like they might have a deal for the original iMPC users through IAP. Half off during the first week of release. πŸ™‚

    1. Most likely the new Arturia iOS app they are working on. Should be revealed what Arturia product it is quite soon after the iMPC Pro release, given how far along development it is (according to Retronyms official site anyways).

  5. Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful of human expressions followed closely by humble apology and making amends…

    if they do actually compensate the original iMPC owners with a decent deal on this… I will forgive them and give them more cash πŸ™‚

  6. i thought i “duck” animation was a joke
    couldn’t have called it side chaining – had to have a bouncing cartoon duck.

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