Synthetic Sound Labs Debuts ‘Segwencer’ Segue-Sequencer Module Eurorack

SSL_Segwencer_EURO_FrontPanelSynthetic Sound Labs has released a EuroRack version of its Segwencer module. Developer Doug Slocum says this 10HP width, skiff-ready module offers “a new form of musical expression that has been previously unavailable to the analog synthesist.”

What’s in a name? The Segwencer module name derives from the audio term segue (fading from one sound to another), and the synth term sequence (moving from one point / sound to another); the module combines these two into a new way of morphing sounds, textures and even control voltages.

How does it work? The Segwencer “switches” among each of the 4 Linear VCA channels, and the “Width” panel control can soften the progressive transitions between the channels. As the “Depth” input voltage rises, each of the output VCA channels will sequentially engage, and disengage as the input voltage decreases. According to designer Slocum, this provides greater control over the transition of the “switch” point between the channels, and the “softness” of how that channel switches.

In a voltage-controlled studio environment, a control voltage is fed to the Segwencer’s “Depth” input which (through an on-board attenuator) controls which of the four Segwencer channels is active based on the input voltage. Each channel of the Segwencer has a separate built-in DC coupled VCA input and output, as well as a Mix output that can frequently save a mixer.

Slocum discussed possible applications that include emulating a pipe organ crescendo pedal, voltage controlled quad panning and complex timbre changes, among others.

Specifications at a glance:


2520 Segwencer Euro


Voltage Controlled Signal Multiplexer


Depth CV Amount
Peaks / Slope selection switch


4 DC Coupled Linear VCAs Depth CV


4 DC Coupled Linear VCAs 1 DC Coupled Mix output

Panel Indicators

4 Channel Activity LEDs (Blue)


High quality 0.062” aluminum. Durable Metalphoto finish with black graphics.


Euro Rack standard 16 pin header. Cable included.


Width – 10HP, Depth – 45MM (1.75”) behind panel. Skiff ready

Pricing and Availability. Synthetic Sound Labs’ Model 2520 Eurorack Segwencer module retails for $325 US. More information is available at the SSL website.

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