New App Turns iPad, iPhone Into Convolution Reverb (Sneak Preview)


Developer Igor Vasiliev, creator of Audio Mastering for iPad, has announced a new convolution reverb for iPad and iPhone.

Using a convolution reverb, one can load ‘impulse responses’ of acoustic spaces or gear, effectively sampling the reverb or effect and allowing it to be applied to any signal.

Here’s what he has to say about the new iPad + iPhone convolution reverb:

The first convolution reverb for iPad and iPhone. The most realistic sound of a very famous reverb gears.

Includes a more than 100 samples of factory presets from different devices. Supports 64-bits processing. Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

Has many options to tweak sample – parametric eq, envelope, stereo base, modulation, pre-delay, length.

Details on pricing and availability are to come, but he says that it is ‘coming soon.’

9 thoughts on “New App Turns iPad, iPhone Into Convolution Reverb (Sneak Preview)

    1. This isn’t the first convolution reverb for iOS. I’m pretty sure SpaceSampler was. However if this one allows you to load in your own impulse responses it’ll become the first really useful one.

  1. You CAN load your own impulse responses in the latest version of SpaceSampler! SpaceSampler has been around for a couple years, so this definitely isn’t the first.

  2. Fiddlicator doesn’t support convolution reverbs.rooms is a convolution reverb,allows importing your own ir files,and,is audiobus compatible.

    1. Sorry but you’re wrong – on a couple of points:
      Firstly, Fiddlicator is a convolution reverb and you can load your own samples into it and is also Audiobus compatible. Secondly, Rooms requires an IAP to allow loading of samples.

  3. Fiddlicator can’t process impulse response files longer ~0,35s.fiddlicator is not appropriate to use as a counvolution reverb engine.from the app store description.and yes ,it’s audiobus compatible.

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