25 thoughts on “New British Synth, Modulus .002, Coming Soon (Sneak Preview)

  1. Modulus Music isn’t a new company, but it seems to be making a comeback after closing in 2005. The company was originally started by Paul Maddox, and the first 30 Monowave synthesizers were sold under this company, before Paul sold the rights to Elby Designs.

    1. yeah they did a lot of custom stuff, you order first, then they build it.
      they were in the 2,500 euro range, and in ~2006 the site was taken down due to
      the cost of biz vs customer demand vs commercial companies.

      blog entry here (from 2006)

      not sure if this will be a ready to purchase synth, or a opt-in deal – pay now and they put you on build list.

  2. What a great time to be an electronic musician. Not such a great time for pretty much everything else in the world, but for synth geeks, this is the golden age. Can’t wait to see what this knob encrusted beauty is all about….

    1. I meant to hit thumbs up, sorry! Yes, the world is a mess, but the synth world stands as a beacon of hope. If only we could apply a low pass filter to the idiots in charge, and modulate policy with an alpha wave.

  3. Hybrid synth? Polyphonic (judging from the number of keys on the blurred photo)? Lots of knobs? That might just be the keyboard I’ve been waiting for.

    1. To me it looks like white OB-12.

      And go and like their facebook page. I cannot stand the waiting to hear the specs!!!

  4. Hey!

    We get more news when there is 1000 likes in their Facebook page. The likes stopped at 900.

    WHAT GIVES!?! Go and like the damn page already!

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