25 thoughts on “2014 Summer NAMM Show Update: Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Synthesizer

    1. Or a Tempest Deluxe. If they made it 10 voices+ with sample support and all the fixed bugs and such for 3k I would have to sell mine and upgrade for sure.

  1. This was borderline useless….Dave Smith already did this bit in his big video announcement. Show off the sequencer already! It really isn’t as hard as building the synth….play the damn thing!

    Ill never get that 6 minutes back…

    1. A Moog Voyager XL costs $5000. Doesn’t mean you have to buy it. There are all kinds of options right down to a $150 Korg Volca. The Pro 2 is more than just “a mono synth.” The sequencer, modular connectivity, dual filters and paraphonic modes make this something of an instant purchase for me.

    1. Ok. I am angry, that there is no sequencer in the P12.

      4 timbres, sequencer and knobs.

      It makes me mad, that this seems to be too much to ask novadays.

  2. while i’m not disputing that more example and less talk would be nice, I think what really should be kept in mind is what S.O.S is carrying around with them. It’s their preview. If they only have an input into the camera for each person’s super cardioid mic, an audio demo is going to be rather pointless. Notice he says it’s really loud, and we can only sort of hear it.

    1. So a magazine whose main focus is audio is incapable of mixing a line level signal out from a synth with two mics out in the field? really? This is what you do for a living….you review and write about gear and its uses. You have to know everyone has already seen the announcement video. There is one video out there that has real audio from the Pro2 and it is from INHALT on YouTube (a fantastic listen by the way). It would be nice to have seen and heard how this synth operates in real time. Big Fro Dude talked about the new filter structure…okay…lets hear it!

  3. no one bats an eye at a $3k Voyager, but anything from DSI gets barked at for price. Do you realize how versatile this thing is?!

  4. If DSI would fix the bugs in all his other products, I would consider buying one. I had a polyevolver…and because of the bugs I sold it….

    The Pro 2 has fantastic potential because of its analog outs and modulation matrix…..but I’m once bitten twice shy here….

  5. This machine is stunning and knocks most stuff out of the water . The dual filter etc sounds perfect.
    I hope that there is a rack only version. Somebody commented on the price. I think they will find that the mopho might suit them better . I know this machine has just upset the market place .
    Looking forward to owning one , but I will be after buying the rack version.

  6. Props to guy who did the demonstration. Young and enthusiastic, but he also clearly knows the instrument well and is into it.

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