Stanton SCS.4DJ at Summer NAMM

Stanton_SCS4DJAt the 2014 Summer NAMM Show: DJ gear-maker Stanton is showing its SCS.4DJ USB Mixstation with a new version (5.0) of the rig’s operating software.

Stanton’s SCS.4DJ USB Mixstation is the first fully-integrated solution to offer a broad range of functionality and performance in a DJ rig, removing the need of a laptop.

SCS.4DJ’s new software (available as a free download from the Stanton website) features include: enhanced analysis, time-rift mode (see below), new effects, and FLAC support.  A host of additional improvements include increased library size, which can now support up to 50,000 tracks loaded via an attached USB drive, and improved response times for large collections when navigating, browsing, searching and sorting.

Version 5.0 users will also experience an enhanced browser window layout showing current song selection and the total size of the collection. Version 5.0 also offers updated analyzing code for more accurate beat grids and BPM values.  New synchronization options include Continuous Sync, Pitch and Beat Position while an improved looping performance provides tighter and longer synchronization. Additional effects include High-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, Band-Pass Filter, Phaser and Tape Delay.

The now-included Time Rift Mode is a creative option that allows SCS.4DJ users to enter a mode where they can scratch, seek, use hot cues, loop and then resume playing in SYNC with another deck and never miss a beat. With the new Manual Loop In and Out button functionality, users can store loops with the tracks, which can then be recalled on reload.


At Summer NAMM this weekend, Stanton will also be showcasing its DJC.4 Virtual Digital Workstation, a DJ controller audio interface with an enhanced four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE.

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