Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Now Shipping


Dave Smith Instruments has announced that it is now shipping the Pro 2 synthesizer – a monophonic synth that Dave Smith calls his “most powerful mono synth ever.”

“As synth geeks, we asked ourselves what our dream mono synth would be,” says Smith. “Then we built it.”

Here’s the official intro video for the Pro 2:

The Pro 2 has a street price of $1,999. For more information, see the Pro 2 product page.

20 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Now Shipping

  1. I had the chance to visit the DSI office in San Francisco today and play one of the probably first Pro 2 units ever. It sounds great, deep, inspiring and definitely makes you forget that you’ve only got one voice. Take any of the preset patches, twist those knobs and play. In no time, you’re miles apart with new, musically inspiring sounds. If you’ve got two grand to part with, spend them on one of these.

    1. That’s really exciting. I picked one up when I found it for below street price. Due this monster and my sub37 that arrived last week, I think I’ll be rather antisocial for the rest of the year. 😛

        1. *shrug* patience and persistence, I guess. I have found some really good deals in the past that would just come across as outright, ugly bragging. Nothing that compares to some of the garage sale finds I’ve heard about, thought….

          thanks for not being one of the 3 that downvoted my excitement and happiness.

  2. This synth has wooden panel, lots of knobs, prestige and hype.
    Yet another (virtual) analog synth that makes only waves, bips and glitches …

  3. Had to cancel my Pro 2 order!!!! 🙁

    But I have a kid coming… and they make lots of cool sounds, so… 🙂

    1. I lol’ed at this 😛 Record some sounds, apply some delay, reverb etc…and you’ll get some alien sound 😛

      I agree that this is every synth-nerds dream monosyth, and it sounds absolutely magical, but yet again, DSI has created something that is out of reach for us mere mortals. There are many monosynth alternatives that are really good for much cheaper.

        1. The Pro 2 is $500 more expensive and can store 396 32×8 or 16×16 sequences. It also has FOUR part paraphonic operation 😉

  4. Eric,
    Paraphonic mode enables you to play each oscillator as a separate voice. Since it has 4 oscillators it means you can play 4 note chords with simple one oscillator sounds.

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