DigiTech iStomp With Synthesizer, Drum Machine (Video Demo)

The DigiTech iStomp is a ‘smart pedal’ – an hardware pedal that can be loaded with a wide variety of software audio effects.

While designed primarily for guitarists, this video, via zibbybone, explores using it with synthesizer and drum machine.

Here’s what zippybone has to say about it:

I recently picked up a 3 pack of iStomp pedals for my synths. These pedals are a great idea to keep down unnecessary inventory by being able to download a different effect into a pedal in about 30 seconds.

In this video I start off running a Roland Juno 106 (chorus turned off) through 2 pedals: one with “Stone Phase” (a Small Stone Phaser emulator) and the other with “Double Cross Delay” which is a ping-pong type delay that allows you to control the delay ratio of left and right sides.

Next, I load “Vintage Tape Delay” in place of “Double Cross” and continue to demo on the Juno

Last, I hook up a Korg MonoTribe up to the pedals and download “Dirty Robot” in place of the “Stone Phase”. The Dirty Robot is a filter effect similar to the MF-101 Moogerfooger.

Details on the iStomp are available at the DigiTech site.

If any readers have experience using the iStomp with electronic music gear, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “DigiTech iStomp With Synthesizer, Drum Machine (Video Demo)

    1. Accidentally clicked the thumbs down but I agree, I have the MS100BT and it’s a lot nicer in my opinion, you can run up to six effects at once from one pedal and it works via Bluetooth to load new effects.

  1. Hey…MF had the three for $99 recently and one for $40 this week. Stupid Deal of the Day.

    I like them…a lot. All the effects on the Stomp Shop app are now free…except Belew’s Impossible pedal.

  2. Way overpriced, and the 3-pedal set doesn’t even come with the 2 extra AC adaptors you will need. And who thinks their proprietary 9-pin cable to hook it up to your iDevice is a good idea? Plus you’ll need ANOTHER adaptor if you have a current model lightning connector iPad/iPhone. Too much EXTRA stuff to buy! Doesn’t seem to be a way to assign 3 different effects to 3 different pedals on the fly with one connection… kind of useless for live gigs.

    Too bad I missed that MF blowout. .. 3 for $99 might have made me more likely to buy a set, despite the limitations. I guess they didn’t exactly fly off the shelves at [email protected]$150 or [email protected]$299!

  3. I bought three on sale at MF. Incredible deal. Great for experimenting because you can reconfigure them. Many configurations are great. And a bonus that they are stereo….you get to preserve a stereo signal path through stomp boxes.

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