B-Step 2 Sequencer Coming Soon To iPad, Linux, Mac & Windows

Monoplugs has announced B-Step Sequencer 2 – a new version of their MIDI step sequencer. 

The new version of the sequencer will be available as VST and Standalone for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Raspberry Pi. Android, AudioUnit and VST3 are also planned.

See the Monoplugs site for details.

If you’ve used B-Step Sequencer, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

20 thoughts on “B-Step 2 Sequencer Coming Soon To iPad, Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. (semi related) Can anyone point me in the direction of their favorite iOS MIDI step sequencer for controlling other apps? I’ve yet to dive in but am essentially trying to recapture the magic of my (extremely oldschool) setup: MOTU’s Performer running on a MacPlus.

    1. Xynthesizer is my favorite- cheap and fun, easy to use, has some algorithmic features. Has an internal synth that sounds pretty food, and can also control through virtual and physical MIDI.
      midiSequencer is great too, much more complex and with a much higher learning curve.

    2. I’m a long-time Performer/DP user. Though I don’t think it has step-entry, Garageband does let you roll, track-based sequencing. But for an iOS step-sequencer, the above looks pretty promising.

      The Little MIDI Machine is a freebie.

    3. PolyStepArp here. Versitile, easy to use and good possibilities. Really fun if you also use Addictive synths arp at the same time. Can give som unexpected and very interresting results.

    4. Synergy

      I only wish you could transpose it with keyboard instead of digging +\- from menus. But otherwise stunning sequencer for all kinds of work.

  2. I’ve used a bunch of ios sequencers – my fave is phadre simple to use but complex enough to make things interesting – able to sequence 4 ios or hardware synths simultaneously with 32 steps each and ability tp send cc to each and some simple gate and velocity controls. Sugar Bytes Thesys is pretty awesome but I find the interface fiddly midi sequencer is excellent but can be tricky to use and isn’t as intuitive as phadre but again you can control multiple hardware/soft synths over midi. I thought the r960 sequencer looked promising as an old school piece of kit but its pretty basic and not that great IMO. Hope that helps.

  3. (kind of related) i am looking for a way to keep people from hijacking threads and making them boring for others who are interested in the subject concerned in the original article rather than some people’s personal shortcomings. can anyone point me in this direction, please?

  4. Big thanks to all who gave their Sequencer thoughts here – I’ll definitely be trying some of them – much appreciated – x

  5. I’m not too concerned about a random complainer amidst all the good people here who’ve stepped up with relative thoughts about iOS sequencers in a thread about an iOS sequencer on a website about iOS music making apps. Thanks again to the people who keep it positive on Synthtopia.

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