An Interview With Dan Snazelle Of Snazzy FX

sounds-and-visionsThe latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast is an interview with Dan Snazelle of Eurorack manufacturer Snazzy FX.

Here’s what host Darwin Grosse has to say about the interview:

I first met Dan (virtually) regarding my ArdCore Arduino-based module ( – a master’s project for DU that helped me graduate. Dan was into it, built it from the breadboard up, then asked me if he could develop a commercial version.

I gave him the thumbs-up, and the Euro ArdCore was born. But from that contact, I started looking into his effects and chaotic modules – you can check them out at – and sort of fell in love with the whole concept.

Dan talks about his background and his conceptual basis for his work. But there is also an interesting subtext: his concern about creating complex modules in a world that tends to preference instant gratification. It’s an interesting area of discussion, and worth considering as the modular market continues to grow in size and importance.

You can listen to the interview below:

3 thoughts on “An Interview With Dan Snazelle Of Snazzy FX

  1. Snazzy FX ArdCore is the only module that i have bought that keeps getting better
    the expander is fantastic
    i can reprogram it mid set to be a drum machine, vco , fx , clock or modulation source

    — ask yourself who is john galt? then go out and buy a ardcore

  2. I vividly remember my mom throwing away my brother and I’s collection of goosebumps books 2 days before we were having a yard sale (we kept the books in a cardboard box in the closet) as they were evil

    I love these chats thank you

  3. oh also please please please do one (you know who you are) with peter blasser if at all possible.

    Ciat lonbarde, shbobo and now his new eurorack line Ieaskul F. Mobenthey

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