Euclidean Rhythm Generator Rack Extension For Reason

Robotic Bean Creative has introduced Euclid Rhythm Generator, a Euclidean rhythm generator Rack Extension for Propeller Reason.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Euclid is rhythmical inspiration in a box. You can use it to spice up your existing songs, or to start building up new ones from scratch. It’s a constant source of surprises and happy accidents for your productions. And there are plenty of presets included to help you get started or provide you with inspiration to build your own.

Euclid may seem simple on the surface, but it gets really deep once you start unlocking its secrets. You can automate and modulate basically every parameter, and each of the four gate outputs gives you a unique variation of the same pattern.

It comes with a big graphical display that visualizes your pattern in real time, including gate width, velocity, shuffle amount and current play position. The display also shows you all actual parameter values, taking CV modulation into account.

Euclid Rhythm Generator Audio Demos:


  • Euclidean gate sequencer with up to 32 steps
  • Patterns can be rotated up to 16 steps in both directions using the offset control
  • Advanced display that visualizes your pattern in real time
  • Individual mute buttons for each step, with support for click & drag
  • Always in sync with Reason’s main sequencer, at user-selectable resolution
  • Everything can be automated, modulated and remote controlled (except for the mute buttons)
  • Four gate outputs provide unique variations of the same pattern
  • Reset input and output, quantized to the current resolution
  • Shuffle and slide controls, fully compatible with the corresponding controls in Reason’s ReGroove mixer
  • Enable button to turn on/off all gate outputs

Euclid Rhythm Generator is available for US $29 in the Propellerhead store.

10 thoughts on “Euclidean Rhythm Generator Rack Extension For Reason

    1. 24 downvotes??? After 30mins messing with it, seemed like a fun and interesting device to me. You miserable buggers!

      1. You must be new here. On Synthtopia, the downvote is the new upvote.

        I hate Disqus with a passion (it’s blocked in my hosts file), but I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to switch to a comment system like that where one can’t downvote at all. That, or maybe a slashdot-esque comment system: kinda complicated, but seemingly fair.

  1. Definitely going to get this, just to control my drum machine. Would be nice to have some generative stuff not so firmly on the grid

  2. Seems kinda cool, but also redundant in the context of Reason.

    All in all, I’m not one to go for presets and automated beat/music generation.

  3. You know Reason and this RE are a hit when so many people waste their time down voting a simple comment for a product they do not own and will never buy 🙂

  4. One of the more interesting REs to come along in awhile. While the concept isn’t unique, it certainly adds to the Reason Rack. I look forward to having a closer look at it.

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