Peter Pringle Performs Licinio Refice’s ‘Ombra di Nube’ On Theremin

Today is the birthday of inventor Leon Theremin, born August 15, 1896 in Saint Petersburg. He’s best known for his invention of the theremin, played here by virtuoso Peter Pringle.

Pringle performs Ombra di Nube, written in 1935 by Italian composer and Roman Catholic priest, Licinio Refice.

The 1929 RCA theremin in the video, with its distinctive “lightning bolt” art deco antennas, was once the property of inventor Leon Theremin’s assistant and business partner, Julius Goldberg.

Pringle doesn’t provide technical details, but it seems to be similar to the setup he used in his permance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma – processing the theremin with an Electro-Harmonix Talking Machine, creating a sound that has an uncanny vocal quality.

via Peter Pringle

4 thoughts on “Peter Pringle Performs Licinio Refice’s ‘Ombra di Nube’ On Theremin

  1. There is something about this sounding almost like a voice. This guy is clearly quite skilled!! But I think there’s almost no avoiding the little pitch wobbles that let you know that it is very difficult to play in tune.

    His dynamics were sweet.

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