New iPad App, Strom, Offers ‘Unprecedented Integration’ With Elektron Analog Rytm

This video, via MrDataline, is a sneak preview of Strom – a new iPad application that is designed to augment the Elektron Analog Rytm – using the iPad’s large touchscreen to add new options for editing, performing and more.

Here’s what he has to say about Strom:

Strom is an advanced iPad App, providing unprecedented integration with the most powerful drum machine available, the Elektron Analog Rytm.

Strom makes uploading samples from iPad to Rytm easy.
Its quirky monophonic sampler can can also be used stand-alone.

Furthermore, Strom offers a kick-ass interface to enhance your live performance.
The App is designed to quickly and efficiently bend Rytm’s vast sonic space, and to generate and mutate your beats.

The Strom app is the work of Elektron user VOID, aka Jakob Penca.

Strom will be available at the App Store ‘soon’.

Check out the demo video and let us know what you think! Do you want to see more companies offering iPad apps that bring expanded functionality to their hardware?

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28 thoughts on “New iPad App, Strom, Offers ‘Unprecedented Integration’ With Elektron Analog Rytm

    1. wonderful sarcasm there.

      yes. sample PB groovebox with analog filters and realtime touchscreen sampling/sample editing is completely unprecedented. infact overbridge is a minor revolution.
      but your nickname really says it all. continue.

  1. This is awesome! First I thought it was a stupid controler app, but it can actually send samples from the iPad to the Analog Rytm!
    This makes me almost want to get the Analog Rytm.
    Almost, because it still can’t sequence other gear.

  2. wooow nice, is there any plan where the AU for analog4 will be out, or if its available as an ipad app probably ?

    if the rytm would have more tracks arggghhh .. i just love my machinedrum so much, and a need/want a lot of noise tracks, rytm is just not enough for me,

  3. This is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out – superb work from Void :)))

    Sigh… shame this fantastic news has to be marred with the same old tired and misguided complaints about Elektron gear.

    There are an awful lot of misunderstandings about what Elektron gear does/doesn’t do and *why* in some ways this can be forgiven, it’s not easy to understand what’s going on – but the information is all there, dig deeper, their philosophy is genius and instruments a joy to play with – light years ahead of anything else, imho, regardless if it does feature ‘x’ or not :))

  4. i love the way they make it look so fluent and “on the fly”, you know that a certain amount of practice has gone in and a lot of head scratching in between times. never the less a great app that seems to embrace and understand the needs of the machine. I don’t have a rytm, but if i did i would be buying that the same day.

    hats off to strom for making some thing rare, an iPad app that actually looks useful.

  5. I would love to see this sort of app for the elektron octatrack and teenage engineerings op-1, this would cut down heavily on many of ours work flow time….

  6. Oh, looks kinda nice! Elektron would really benefit from this kind of companion apps as their displays are so tiny.

    I own A4 and it would be nice to see some kind of app for it as well. Would prefer full midi output for its patterns, though.

  7. Currently considering either an MFB Tanzbär or RYTM, and I have to admit this app does swing the opinion. I didn’t much care for the A4’s workflow, though. But maybe with enough time I could sort this RYTM out…

  8. Ok, I too have the interest on this for the Octatrack, but using this with the octatrack will make the Wave editor on the octatrack kinda “useless” and the Pickup machine idea kinda useless too. Well not useless, but the idea of the editor and the machines is to get things on the fly! Or That’s what I guess

    However this for the MachinedrumUW will be great, but if you don’t have the turbo midi interface it won’t work very nicely and I guess it will have midi clock sync problems if we use it to receive samples and also sync with an external clock source…

    Don’t know I hate everything is now about the RYTM and Keys, still waiting for octatrack update and the machinedrum UW is still top notch!

  9. I dont mean to be a jerk but Dataline’s showing/demos of elektron gear makes it painful to listen to. I dont like his style at all.

    Can we get someone else to show of elektron gear once in awhile.

    1. i totally agree.
      on the other hand, this sort of music goes hand in hand with the elektron gear.
      i´d like to see that cuckoo guy actually as a counter balance.

    2. You mean an Elektron demo that is something like this ?
      It’s a “silent gig” by Nicholas Lem – everything you hear is a single Monomachine with the Octatrack being used for FX processing duties only.
      Still one of the best Elektron working examples I have seen to date – the man really knows how to work that Monomachine.

  10. One thing I don’t understand, the mangling part doesn’t seem to be much mangling, just looks like some chopping into many slices, could someone break down just how much mangling besides a high slice count is going on?

  11. Love the rythm, love elelktrons workflow, this app makes it better no brainer, I’ll leave all the whinging to people that either don’t own or haven’t spent much time behind these machines, would love to have a similar app for a4 thanks void!

  12. if this app utilizies elektron´s turbo midi, i wonder if at least the sample transfer would work with the octatrack and Machinedrum too?

    1. yea. sample transfer was orginally made for the machinedrum. but everything’s more stable with the RYTM, more modern architecture and all. Octatrack does not have USB MIDI, so nogo on iPad.

  13. MAN OH MAN OH MAN ! I look fwd to the next Quadratrack with 10 tracks of sampling multi outputs optical out and firewire or usb4.0 and this AWESOME INTUITIVE APP 😀 CMON ELEKTRON DO IT I DARE YOU

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