21 thoughts on “Aphex Twin Blimp Appears Over London

  1. it probably escaped from his blimp home collection. I mean if the tank thingy was real, i can picture him with those inside the house 🙂

  2. he’s probably just announcing a special dump he will take at random from his blimp, and the lucky person who finds it… finds it.

  3. This *is* the new album – it’s the experience of seeing a blimp in hackney.

    The next album will be just his face randomly appearing on websites you visit

    The third in the trilogy will be the weird monster from the come to daddy video appearing in your dreams, but just in your peripheral vision.

  4. 😉 we all know what Mr. James is up to. He will not disappoint. Besides, after that Kickstarter, analord knows that whatever comes in these next few months will no-doubt knock dubstepers off their chair, your friend Blonie

  5. That is not a blimp. It is a barrage balloon. If you’d studied a bit of history, particularly with respect to London and the Blitz, you’d know the difference.

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