The Octagon – A Ninja Maze Of Synth Power

Saturday Synth Porn: 4ms Pedals created The Octagon – a ninja maze of synth power, created from eight Modular Row cases and eight 45 degree angle pieces.

Think patching a modular synth is complicated? Try doing it in 360 degrees,with limited visibility.

To some, it may seem like a shameless display of synth excess. But, with four of these, you could create a synth car that could drive over anything!

5 thoughts on “The Octagon – A Ninja Maze Of Synth Power

  1. I think you would want to make it a little bigger, then take it up for some zero gravity action where the programmer floats up the center and turns some knobs a la 2001 Space Odyssey.

  2. It obviously attracts women, so they will sell millions of them. Just one question: why aren’t the modules on the outside where you can get at them? Put the whole thing on a spindle like a store display and spin it around to what you want. Swash plates for power and signal so no worries about cords spiraling up. Great idea but then they went at it backwards for some reason.

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