Akai APC40 mkII Review

This video, via DJ TechTools, is a video review of the new Akai APC40 mkII, an updated version of the company’s classic Ableton Live controller.

The APC40 mkII features a 5×8 RGB LED clip-launching matrix, assignable A/B cross-fader, 8 rotary knobs, 8 channel faders, and a send button for quick access to send busses.

The APC40 mkII is coming soon and is expected to have a street price of about US $400. See the Akai site for more info.

8 thoughts on “Akai APC40 mkII Review

  1. I have the original APC 40 and love it. This model brings some interesting updates, but nothing that’s going to make me run to the store. I’m wondering how useful having multicolored clip buttons might be.

    I’ll probably wait to upgrade until/if by current APC craps out and I’m forced to shell out for a new model.

  2. i really like the layout. of all the new models and they are more compact.

    I would prob go for the keyboard one. but it doesn’t have any pitch/mod wheel or stick

  3. for live use i would never use some kind of this controllers, only additional… there are not enough potis the same problem like the old version…

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