Old Beats – Roland Alpha Juno Chord Memory

Sunday Synth Jam: This jam, via Old Beats, explores (you guessed it) old-school beats and the chord memory feature of the Roland Alpha Juno analog synthesizer. 

Technical details:

  • Roland Alpha Juno 2
  • Minimoog Voyager
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • DSI Prophet 08
  • DSI Evolver
  • Novation Bass Station 2
  • Jomox AirBase 99
  • Lexicon MX 300
  • TC Electronic M 350
  • EHX Small Stone
  • Digitech Digidelay

4 thoughts on “Old Beats – Roland Alpha Juno Chord Memory

  1. That is a really nice piece of music, my only criticism is the need for a sound more up front.
    Just an opinion, it really is a nice piece, well done.

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