Keith McMillen Debuts 12 Step Version 2

Today Keith McMillen Instruments announced their new 12 Step Version 2, the chromatic “keyboard controller for your feet.”

With an entirely redesigned Editor Software and new user interface, the 12 Step Version 2 is faster and easier to use than its previous incarnation. Additionally, the 12 Step Version 2 Firmware allows for many advanced features (see below). KMI has eight new tutorial videos and new templates for software (like Ableton Live) as well.

KMI_12_Step_and_Moog_MinitaurNew Features:

  • Entirely new UI and design.
  • Support for Windows 8 & Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks).
  • New preset management features:
  • Copy / Paste preset
  • Import / Export preset
  • Save As & Delete preset
  • Enable and disable cc7 127 on preset change option.
  • Added the ability to control 12 Step LEDs from the MIDI Expander.
  • Note entry is now editable from both the full keyboard and the 12 Step keyboard layout.
  • Clearing all keys at once is now possible for note entry.
  • Presets are now numbered 1-64 instead of 0-63.
  • Added a global velocity override function that turns off velocity response for all presets.
  • Velocity will be a full 127 value on every note if velocity override is enabled.

Bug Fixes:

  • USB buffer problem causing MIDI input to crash 12 Step is resolved.
  • Pitch bend can now return to true center when used with tilt source.
  • Connectivity issues between 12 Step and Windows 8 resolved.
  • Preset corrections.

Keith_McMillen_12_Step_Version_2Pricing and Availability. Keith McMillen Instruments’ 12 Step Version 2 retails for MSRP $299 US.* The instrument is available now, via the KMI webstore or from stores worldwide. 12 Step Editor Software V 2.0 download, and additional product information, is available at this link.

*(Promotional material from KMI says that customers who register their new 12 Step through September 30th also will receive a coupon for 15% off any Live Pack at the Ableton Web Store.)

6 thoughts on “Keith McMillen Debuts 12 Step Version 2

    1. The hardware seems to just be a black faceplate instead of the original grey faceplate. The new firmware and software works with the original 12 Step just fine.

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