James Murphy Remixes The US Opens


James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and IBM recently collaborated on a music project for the U.S. Open that explored creating a soundtrack to the event, based on the sonification of data from each tennis match.

In a nutshell, IBM developers built algorithms that mapped each player’s movement to audio samples, automatically creating ambient soundscapes based on the matches. 

Now Murphy is creating 14 remixes, based on his favorite matches. Here’s what he has to say about the track above, Match 4:

When a young player beats a top-seeded player, like in this match from August 25th, it’s bound to make some noise. And in this case, that noise is glorious: a series of simple, almost sweet opening notes that slowly transform into unexpectedly intense, mature sounds. Beats bubble up from out of nowhere, swiftly take over and set the track in an uncompromising new direction. Hear how James portrays the swagger of the younger player and the relentless drama of the match in the deep, pulsing beats.

You can hear the original sonification-based tracks and his remixes at the US Open site.

6 thoughts on “James Murphy Remixes The US Opens

  1. not sure how he is overrated, he makes/ has made palatable music for a long time, sometimes on the vanguard, sometimes in the middle of the road. Never seems to be a jerk about it. Goes to his own proclivities.
    Has had massive success on apparently his own terms. Broke up his band at the peak of it’s success. Intelligent guy (NYU student),, from what I see fairly unpretentious. from those that know him, say he is an active mind and a kind soul. I’m not claiming he has re-invented the wheel, but honestly, he is hardly part of the problem in modern music. I honestly wish their were more like him, or those that possess his intelligence, playfulness, and invention, with a knack for a hook in the current vernacular. And I don’t hear him claiming to be “all that”, Haters gonna hate I guess. Jealous much? I would love to have his opportunities and the ability to have fun with sonics and be involved in high profile events.

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