Installation Turns Bitcoin Exchange To Music

Laboratoria Art & Science Space in Moscow is hosting an instrumental installation, Silk, which generates sound based according to the real-time changes in the market activities related to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin. The artist, ::vtol:: explains how the installation works: [The] constantly changing currency rate of of Bitcoin against major world currencies is influencing the… Read More Installation Turns Bitcoin Exchange To Music

Weather For The Blind

Sunday Synth Jam: Quintronics’ Weather for the Blind is a live streaming site of a musical instrument which is ‘played’ by the weather. The project combines ambient music, sonification and analog synthesis. 

James Murphy Remixes The US Opens James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and IBM recently collaborated on a music project for the U.S. Open that explored creating a soundtrack to the event, based on the sonification of data from each tennis match. In a nutshell, IBM developers built algorithms that mapped each player’s movement to audio samples, automatically creating ambient soundscapes based on… Read More James Murphy Remixes The US Opens