MPC Software 1.7 Now Available

Akai Professional has released MPC Software version 1.7, the system for the MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Version 1.7 features a new expansion browser, adjustable sample-audition volume, two free expansions, a piano roll, and AIR Music Tech’s Hybrid 3 synthesizer.

MPC Software comes with the flagship MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio, combining cutting edge hardware with innovative software for creating music at your peak.

See the Akai Pro site for details and to download the update.

Note: The Akai site appears to currently be unresponsive. If you have trouble accessing it, you may want to wait a while and try again.

9 thoughts on “MPC Software 1.7 Now Available

  1. omg you guys get the Clapper!!!! what are you trying to go, follow native instruments into batty nutty sample pack land, what is this maschine 3.0 ??? ffs I can understand native instruments turning that embarrassing maschine into an expansion loving land rover but honestly I thought you guys would at least offer a counter weight to the ridiculousness that is maschine, instead you go and put out basically maschine 3.0,
    what is up with Aaakai seriously does anybody even remember what a beat machine is all about?

    omg we are doomed!

    1. I love my MPC Studio. but I haven’t even looked at the included samples, let alone used them. Thanks anyways, but I have plenty of my own..

  2. i made alot of hits off the mpc ren and i love how they incorporate the new stuff…the only complaint i have is the long ass waiting time it takes to load other than that i have all my old external midi gear hooked up along with the new vst’s …it works wonders in protools! 2thums up!

  3. the issue is not the Ren, the issue is them focusing valuable development time and money resources on entering the idiocy that is the native instruments expansion pack and browser arms race, and it looks like akai is following right along. the focus isn’t even the sampler anymore because they are about to turn it into a rompler where their only concern is how you browse your loopalicious expansion packs.
    Native instruments started in and now Akai is solidifying it……
    this is now the official era of The Dumbing Down Of The BeatMachine!

    1. alright clapper.
      heavy concepts ahead so fire up both of those brain cells:
      a) most companies, money savvy especially, are not creating products anymore, but platforms. expansion packs are a part of that. i would never really buy premade sounds but many do and it is a valid business move. the profit margin is definitely appealing, and running companies requires money.
      i know, right?

      b) those sample packs are not developed in house. they are not taking resources away from the core programming but are outsourced to artists and studios. the profit is shared and that also is a good symbiotic relationship.

      c) this is apparently an update alot of mpc folks have been waiting for, and akai seems to be making an effort to improve the os. you might atleast aknowledge that.

      i do not expect you to understand any of this. someone that thinks this clapper spiel is funny obviously has intellectual capacities of an desklamp.
      as you were.

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